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Helping Individuals in Auto Fraud, Bed Bug, Termite Damage, Real Estate, False Imprisonment, Eviction and Solar Contract cases.

Whitney, LLP fights for justice and compensation for individuals who have been injured and deceived through negligence, malpractice and fraud. Since 1992, our attorneys have successfully represented hundreds of clients and recovered millions of dollars in a variety of legal claims.


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Bed Bug Litigation

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Termite Litigation

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Car Dealerships & Consumer Fraud

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Wrongful Evictions

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Claims Against Real Estate Agents




$1 Million

Termite Damage Jury Verdict


Car Dealership Forgery Settlement



Whitney, LLP’s bed bug lawyers have successfully resolved hundreds of bed bug lawsuits and claims involving apartment buildings, hotels, motels, casinos, resorts, campgrounds and summer camps, vacation rentals, rental furniture companies, mattress stores, pest control companies and other parties responsible for a bed bug infestation. We have recovered millions of dollars for clients who suffered from bed bug bites and had their homes infested in a variety of situations.

Whitney, LLP represents homeowners against negligent and fraudulent termite home inspection companies who cause our clients to incur thousands of dollars repairing property damage caused by termite infestations that were not detected, not properly treated, or sometimes, not treated at all. We also represent our clients in cases against sellers of homes who fail to disclose termite infestations to buyers. Many pest control companies are negligent in how they perform termite inspections and treatment, and unfortunately there are sellers of homes who fail to disclose termite damage to potential buyers even when they are required to disclose it as required by law. Many new homeowners have serious problems that arise out of termite damage that has not been disclosed, gone undetected or is not treated properly.

Consumer fraud occurs when a company uses dishonest, deceptive business practices to trick a customer. By feeding the buyer false information about its product or service, or intentionally withholding important information, the business paints a misleading picture and ultimately scams the consumer out of his or her hard-earned money.

Wrongful evictions, also known as illegal evictions, are a common occurrence in apartments across Maryland.  Wrongful evictions can occur when angry, impatient and unlawful landlords decide they do not need to follow the law and take matters into their own hands. 

A tremendous increase in evictions is expected, both legal and wrongful, as COVID-protections lapse and landlords are again allowed to proceed with the legal process for evictions.  Whitney, LLP represents victims of unlawful evictions and works to recover compensation for economic loss, property damage and emotional distress. 

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