$100,000 Bed Bug Verdict Against Red Roof Inn

On September 15, 2015, a Prince George’s County, Maryland jury awarded Stacey Belle $100,000 as compensation for 31 bed bug bites she sustained while occupying a bed bug infested room for one night at the Red Roof Inn in Oxon Hill, Maryland in January 2014. After a two day trial, the jury deliberated for less than one hour before finding three separate companies negligent and responsible for Ms. Belle’s injuries. The negligent companies are Red Roof Inns, Inc., the local owner FMW RRI I, LLC and the local manager RRI West Management, LLC. The $100,000 verdict is believed to be one of the largest ever compensatory damages award against a hotel in the United States for injuries caused by bed bugs, and is believed to be the largest damages award against a Maryland hotel for bed bugs.

Evidence presented to the jury included Red Roof Inn’s Bed Bug Protocol, housekeeping records and photographs of Ms. Belle’s bites. Red Roof Inn had a Bed Bug Protocol that provided instructions for how the hotel was to handle reports of bed bugs in guest rooms. Several weeks before Ms. Belle was a guest, the exact room she stayed in had been quarantined for a week due to bed bugs. Contrary to the Red Roof Inn Bed Bug Protocol, management did not arrange for professional treatment of the room before putting Ms. Belle in the room. Red Roof Inn failed to follow their protocol, and that failure resulted in our client being badly bitten.

Pictures of our client’s bites that were presented to the jury included:

IMAG0533 179x300 - $100,000 Bed Bug Verdict Against Red Roof Inn

Red Roof Inn Bed Bug Lawsuit – Bites on Right Arm

IMAG0540 179x300 - $100,000 Bed Bug Verdict Against Red Roof Inn

Red Roof Inn Bed Bug Lawsuit – Bites on Left Elbow


The case was tried by Daniel W. Whitney, Sr. and Daniel W. Whitney, Jr. This case was about holding Red Roof Inn to account for failing to follow its own bed bug policy and placing guests in harm’s way. The room should never have been made available to guests until it was treated and certified bed bug free by a licensed pest control contractor.  

Post trial photo 225x300 - $100,000 Bed Bug Verdict Against Red Roof Inn

Red Roof Inn Bed Bug Lawsuit – Post Verdict Picture: Daniel W. Whitney, Sr., Stacey Belle, and Daniel W. Whitney, Jr.

The lawyers of Whitney, LLP, LLP have handled numerous bed bug cases. Every case is different and past success does not guarantee any similar result. We have successfully resolved claims and lawsuits against hotels, apartments complexes, vacation rentals and furniture stores on behalf of injured victims. If you have been injured by bed bugs, Contact Us using our Quick Contact Form, or call us at 410 583 8000.



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