$300,000 Termite Damage Settlement for New Homeowner

Whitney, LLP obtained a $300,000 termite damage settlement on behalf of a first time Maryland homebuyer who purchased a home with severe undisclosed termite damage.

The Seller provided our client with the Maryland Residential Property Disclosure Statement which denied actual knowledge of a termite infestation or damage. Based on the Disclosure Statement and an inspection by a licensed home inspector, the client made an offer to buy the house, which was accepted.

Finding Termites After Moving Into a New Home

Several months following closing, evidence of the termite infestation became apparent. As is often the case when a Seller hides a termite problem, evidence literally emerges from the walls, ceilings and woodwork in the form of thousands of termite swarmers.

Imagine the horror of seeing swarms of termites in your new home. Then imagine hiring a contractor to open the walls to find extensive structural damage caused by a long-term termite infestation. Careful inspection of the walls revealed that exit holes from prior seasonal termite swarms were covered over with spackle and fresh paint.

Interviews of third-party fact witnesses confirmed that the Seller was on actual notice of the termite infestation and unrepaired damage. Those interviews helped to build a case to prove the Seller’s liability.

If you moved into a new home and found termite infestation or termite damage, you have legal rights.

termite joist photo 1 300x200 - $300,000 Termite Damage Settlement for New Homeowner

Termite damage discovered by the buyer after a purchasing a home in Maryland. In this case, no termite damage was disclosed.

$300,000 Termite Damage Settlement

Experts were hired to assess the damage. Damage repair estimates were in the six-figure range. The settlement demand was based upon the economic loss along with our client’s emotional distress. The $300,000 settlement represented about 95% of the purchase price of the home. Settlement was achieved after an unsuccessful mediation but before depositions were taken in the case.

The settlement will allow our client to afford repairs and restore her home to good condition so she can finally enjoy her new home.

daniel whitney jr daniel whitney sr  - $300,000 Termite Damage Settlement for New Homeowner

Daniel W. Whitney, Jr. and Daniel W. Whitney, Sr.

Attorneys to Recover a Termite Damage Settlement – Whitney, LLP

Homeowners that purchase a home, move in and find termite damage have legal rights and can bring claims against the seller and others for failure to disclose that damage.

Concealed termite damage can lead to significant financial burdens due to costly repairs.  Where structural damage has occurred, the house may be unsafe and require extensive work.  Given that termite damage is a latent defect that must be disclosed by the seller, the failure to do so creates significant liability if known termite damage is not fully disclosed.  However, because dishonest sellers know that disclosing the extent of termite damage may cause them to lose money or be unable to sell the home, termite damage is often concealed.

Fortunately, Maryland law can be applied to hidden and concealed termite damage situations.  Whitney, LLP’s attorneys have experience obtaining termite damage settlements and bringing lawsuits against sellers, real estate agents, home inspectors and WDI inspectors to recover compensation for termite damage repairs, related economic losses, emotional distress and recovery of attorney’s fees.  Of course, prior results are not a guarantee of future results, and all cases are different.

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If you purchased a home and found a hidden termite infestation or termite damage, contact Whitney, LLP for a consultation at 410 583 8000, or use our Quick Contact Form, to discuss your potential case.



“When others did not want to take my case Whitney, LLP was willing. Dan was very very patient with me and his communication was always on point no matter how he reached out. He helped me and my family start our lives all over, I thank him so much.”

– Client

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“I would definitely recommend this firm. I contacted them just to get some insight and I was informed that I indeed had a case, and they won! Any questions or concerns I had were answered and explained clearly. They were very kind and informative throughout the whole process. I am very grateful that I stumbled across their page, it has changed my life. Thank you.”

– Client

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