$38,000+ Recovery in Baltimore City Slip and Fall

$38,000+ settlement recovery in a Baltimore City case where our client was walking into their office building and slipped and fell on wet concrete on a wet and rainy morning. Mats had been laid out on the walkway but not wide enough to cover the entire walkway.  Our client’s first step on the wet surface landed her on her back and in the hospital two days before Christmas. 

Winter is tricky time of year, with snow, ice, and rain causing many injuries when people slip and fall. Whether walking into work, walking the dog on your neighborhood sidewalks, going into or out of a store, or walking in a parking lot, be on the lookout for slippery surfaces. If you are injured, the property owner or the company in charge of maintenance may be responsible for compensating you for your injuries.  

We handle slip and fall cases throughout the Baltimore area.  If you have questions about an injury, or know someone who was hurt by falling, contact us for a free consultation and ask for Dan Whitney, Jr. 

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