$90,000 Baltimore Bed Bug Lawsuit Settlement

Watch the Video Below – In 2021, a Baltimore landlord paid a $90,000 bed bug settlement to their tenant after a bed bug lawsuit was filed alleging negligence.  The lawsuit, filed by Whitney, LLP in Towson, MD, alleged the negligent landlord failed to be responsible for the bed bug infestation that developed and spread.  We often help clients who ask us, Can I Sue My Landlord for Bed Bugs. The answer is, Yes, Of Course.

Although multiple bed bug treatments were performed, the treatments were ineffective, and our client was bitten for months and developed numerous itchy and swollen bites across her body.

If you were moved into a bed bug infested apartment, or your landlord ignores your complaints or their treatments do not work, you should know that you have legal rights and can fight back against your landlord.

Compensation for bed bug bites can be recovered for bites, itching, scarring and disfigurement, emotional distress, medical bills, property damage.

Whitney, LLP’s attorneys for bed bugs specialize in bed bug cases and have recovered over $13,000,000 for our clients in bed bug claims cases, verdicts and settlements.  Consultations are always free.

What Is Your Case Worth? We offer Legal Consultations and our Clients in bed bug cases pay no out of pocket fees or expenses. Call us at 410 583 8000, or use our Quick Contact Form, to discuss your potential case.  Here is our YouTube Channel for videos on bed bug infestations.

$90,000 Baltimore Bed Bug Lawsuit Settlement

The Video Transcript is Below, Edited for this Blog:

Hi, this is Dan Whitney, with the Whitney Law Firm in Towson, Maryland. Today, we’re going to talk about a $90,000 bed bug infestation settlement against a property management company and landlord in Baltimore City, Maryland.

Now, I’ve handled bed bug cases for about 10 years. We sue hotels, landlords, property managers, apartment complexes, really any negligent entity involving a bed bug infestation that results in somebody suffering bites and/or an infestation.

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Baltimore Apartments Often Have Bed Bug Infestations

In this particular case, our client moved into an apartment in Baltimore City. Now, of course, Baltimore has a terrible problem with bed bugs and bed bug infestations. That problem is due, in no small part, to many landlords in Baltimore not caring about their tenants and refusing to take the proper steps to treat an infestation.

Bed bugs are such a bad problem in Baltimore that the Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital, located in Baltimore, has created a bed bug information page.  It is an unfortunate reality that many children are bitten by bed bugs due to landlords leasing infested apartments to unsuspecting tenants.

Negligent Landlords Ignore Reports of Bed Bug Infestation

For some reason, many landlords in Baltimore ignore tenants’ complaints and reports of bed bugs. These same negligent landlords think it’s okay to ignore ineffective treatments by a pest control company that are actually not eradicating or treating the infestation at all.

In this case, our client moves in, things seem to be fine after first moving in. After an extended period of time, about seven or eight months, she begins to find marks appearing on her skin, itchy red marks, and she begins to see little bugs. She finds they are bed bugs after she does some research, crawling around the apartment.

You Can Sue Landlords for Bed Bugs

Of course, she reports the infestation to the landlord who is responsible for treating the bed bug infestation, but does absolutely nothing at first. After she complains repeatedly, the landlord finally hires a pest control company to begin treating.

The problem with that is the pest control company that was hired to treat the bed bug infestation does numerous ineffective treatments that, despite the treatments, still leave our client being badly bitten.

After approximately a year with the infestation being bad, then subsiding, then coming back, then subsiding again, our client finally moves out. She then searches for a bed bug lawyer, finds Whitney, LLP and we end up filing a lawsuit alleging negligence to hold the landlord responsible for the ongoing bed bug infestation. .

Bed Bug Lawsuit Filed Against Baltimore Landlord

After the lawsuit is filed, the landlord’s attorney contacts us to begin negotiations, and the case ends up settling for $90,000. The settlement which takes into account the extended period of time our client suffered, the dozens of bites she suffered across her body, the itchiness, how unpleasant it was, and, of course, the emotional distress of living in a bed bug infested apartment.

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Daniel W. Whitney, Sr. and Daniel W. Whitney, Jr. of Whitney, LLP

Bed Bug Lawyers To Sue Landlords

Yes, you can sue your landlord for bed bugs, and we can help. If you are looking for an attorney to help with bed bug bite claims, call us at the Whitney Law Firm in Towson. Our lawyers for bed bugs offer legal consultations, and our clients in bed bug cases pay no out-of-pocket fees.

What Is Your Case Worth? We offer Legal Consultations and our Clients in bed bug cases pay no out of pocket fees or expenses. Call us at 410 583 8000, or use our Quick Contact Form, to discuss your potential case.


“When others did not want to take my case Whitney, LLP was willing. Dan was very very patient with me and his communication was always on point no matter how he reached out. He helped me and my family start our lives all over, I thank him so much.”

– Client

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“I would definitely recommend this firm. I contacted them just to get some insight and I was informed that I indeed had a case, and they won! Any questions or concerns I had were answered and explained clearly. They were very kind and informative throughout the whole process. I am very grateful that I stumbled across their page, it has changed my life. Thank you.”

– Client

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