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The home of more than 21,000 residents, many of whom are apartment dwellers, Arbutus, Maryland, is situated in Baltimore County near such communities as Halethorpe, Lansdowne, and Catonsville. Since the area borders, the campus of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, many students, and teachers live there. Visitors travel to the area to see attractions like the Thomas Viaduct and Patapsco Valley State Park.

While Arbutus offers expansive access to natural beauty, things will turn ugly if a bed bug infestation strikes. Bed bugs can cause serious medical issues. Furthermore, the property damage linked to an infestation is often expensive. If you have been harmed by bed bugs in an Arbutus hotel or apartment, the bed bug lawyers at Whitney, LLP will help you fight back. Our attorneys have recovered over $11 million in compensation for bed bug victims. You will not need to pay any out-of-pocket fees or expenses for us to pursue your bed bug bite claims. To request a free consultation, call Whitney, LLP at (410) 583-8000 or use our online contact form.

Bed Bug Bites in Arbutus Apartments

Landlords in Arbutus and throughout Maryland are required by state law to keep their properties safe and fit for human habitation. This means they must be free of bed bugs and other harmful infestations. If property owners are notified of an infestation at any time, they must proceed promptly to exterminate the insects. Unfortunately, some Arbutus landlords fail to abide by their legal obligations. They rent out apartments infested with bed bugs and ignore reported problems, leaving tenants to suffer.

The costs of a bed bug infestation can be immense. Victims in Arbutus, Halethorpe, Lansdowne, and Catonsville often need to get medical help for both the immediate and long-term effects of exposure to bed bugs, and the bills can escalate. Furthermore, property and replacement costs associated with an apartment infestation can be staggering. Many tenants have been forced to discard or destroy thousands of dollars in costly furniture pieces and decorative items like mattresses, sofas, sectionals, and rugs to exterminate the insects. When landlords fail to abide by their duties under Maryland law, they can be held accountable for the damages caused by bed bugs. The bed bug attorneys at Whitney, LLP can help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Arbutus Hotels With Bed Bug Infestations

When visitors come to Arbutus, they deserve safe and comfortable lodging. However, their restful sleep is often disrupted by red, itchy bed bug bites. Hotel owners in Arbutus and throughout the state are required by law to provide their guests with accommodations that are clean and clear of bed bugs and other hotel infestations. When hotel owners are negligent, however, guests pay the price. Tourists in Arbutus could need emergency medical care if bed bugs strike. They will also be forced to leave behind expensive and sentimental items like suitcases, clothing and outdoor gear. Traveling with luggage exposed to bed bugs risks spreading the infestation to other passengers. A bed bug lawyer at Whitney, LLP can help an Arbutus hotel guest seek compensation for damages.

Health Problems Caused By Bed Bugs in Arbutus Hotels and Apartments

While bed bug bites are known to be red and itchy, many bed bug victims in Arbutus suffer more serious medical problems after exposure. They can experience ongoing pain as well as growing health care bills. Here are some of the worst medical issues caused by bed bugs:

  • Skin infections: Since the bites are itchy, some victims will find themselves scratching, even unconsciously. Harmful bacteria can find an easy path into broken skin, and a serious infection can result. Some such infections, like cellulitis, require hospitalization and intensive antibiotic treatment.
  • Anaphylaxis: Many people only discover that they are allergic to bed bugs after they are bitten in an Arbutus hotel or apartment. However, a serious allergic reaction can lead to hives, swelling and even trouble to breathe. These life-threatening symptoms could require hospital care.
  • Scarring: The red color of the bites can persist for some bed bug victims and lead to persistent scarring requiring the specialized help of a dermatologist.
  • Anxiety and depression: Infestations are also linked to the development of psychological symptoms. Many bed bug victims require long-term treatment and therapy as a result.

Arbutus, MD, Bed Bug Lawyer for Apartment and Hotel Claims

You should not have to bear the burden of costs imposed due to the negligence and carelessness of Arbutus hotel owners and landlords. If you are suffering due to bed bugs, contact the skilled bed bug attorneys at Whitney, LLP. Our lawyers can find out exactly who is at fault for your injuries and work hard to recover for your losses. You will appreciate that there are no out-of-pocket fees or expenses for your bed bug bite claims. To request a free consultation, call Whitney, LLP at (410) 583-8000 or use our simple online form.

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