Are Termite Companies Required to Inspect Inside the Walls After They Have Detected an Infestation?

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When you buy a home in Maryland, termites can be a concern, and the same is true if you have owned your home for years. They can cause serious structural damage to a house. With a

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large number of older homes, wood construction and moist outdoor areas, termites have an inviting climate. Many mortgage lenders insist on a termite inspection before providing a home loan, and buyers may want to see a report from a licensed pest control company before they commit to a purchase.

However, just as some realtors and home sellers fail to disclose a termite infestation, some termite companies can also be negligent or even fraudulent. It is important to understand what is and is not covered in a standard termite inspection. In many cases, it is visual and external in nature. When only a portion of infestation is apparent, however, some companies may be negligent in how they complete their inspections, especially if they leave termites behind in the walls, resulting in serious hidden damage.

Maryland Legal Assistance for Termite Damage Claims

Some Maryland termite companies may fail to detect the infestation, despite the fact that people rely on them when they purchase a home or forego treatment to their existing residence. Later, homeowners may find themselves facing significant financial losses due to the structural damage and the need to hire a termite damage contractor. When the negligence of termite companies leads to a damaging infestation, contact the lawyers at Whitney, LLP to request a free consultation.

We work with homeowners who have suffered termite damage due to negligent pest control companies, careless realtors, deceptive home sellers, and other parties that failed to live up to their responsibilities. Our attorneys have obtained substantial verdicts and settlements for our clients throughout Maryland. You will not have to bear any out-of-pocket expenses or fees for us to pursue your claim. In a 2019 case, Whitney, LLP obtained a $1,068,000 judgment for a Maryland homeowner who suffered severe termite damage due to a negligent and fraudulent termite inspection firm. Another case was covered by Barry Simms of WBAL, who exposed the dangers posed to Maryland home buyers from undisclosed termite infestations.

Responsibilities of Termite Inspectors in Maryland

Termite inspectors performing their duties as part of a Maryland home sale sometimes fail to fully include the extent of the damages found. If an inspection is not conducted for further damage inside the walls, you may hire your own pest control company or termite damage contractor to assess the situation. However, some homeowners rely on the initial inspection and do not know to inspect. This should be explained to the homeowner, and they should be informed enough to make the decision whether or not to purchase a home with termite damage. Termite inspectors also usually cannot provide a thorough estimate of the costs of termite damage repair. You should hire a separate, experienced contractor to get a legitimate estimate. If you bring in a pest control company to inspect for or exterminate termites, they are responsible for performing their job according to a reasonable duty of care and living up to the obligations in their contract. Some termite companies may try to shirk liability through evasive language in the contract, but if they perform their job negligently and leave termites behind to cause damage by failing to check inside the walls, you may be able to hold them financially responsible.

Maryland Termite Damage Lawyer For Hidden Damage

You should not have to bear the burden of costly termite damage repairs because a termite company failed to perform its job correctly. If your home has sustained termite damage due to another party’s carelessness, contact the experienced termite attorneys at Whitney, LLP. We will determine who is to blame and pursue your claim for compensation aggressively with no out-of-pocket expenses or costs to you. To request your free consultation, use our online form today or call Whitney, LLP at (410) 583-8000.

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