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Bed Bug Attorney Serving Arnold, MDarnold MD - Arnold, MD Bed Bug Attorney

A suburb of Annapolis, Arnold, Maryland, is home to over 23,000 people. Sitting on the Broadneck Peninsula in Anne Arundel County, Arnold is known for its scenic views as well as its location as the home of Anne Arundel Community College. Visitors travel to Arnold to explore areas like Sandy Point State Park and the historic Wroxeter ranch, and the community is close to neighboring areas like Severna Park, Pasadena, and Parole. Approximately 13% of residents in Arnold rent their apartments or homes from local landlords and property companies.

Arnold is home to many lovely waterfront views, but a bed bug infestation can happen anywhere, at any time, especially when property and hotel owners are negligent. The costs associated with bed bugs can shoot up rapidly during an infestation from the medical care needed after a bed bug bite to staggering expenses associated with property damage. If you have been bitten by bed bugs in Arnold, turn to the experienced bed bug attorneys at Whitney, LLP. Our lawyers have recovered over $11 million in damages for bed bug victims. We do not charge clients any out-of-pocket fees or expenses to pursue their bed bug bite claims. Call Whitney, LLP at (410) 583-8000 to schedule a free consultation with a lawyer.

Bed Bug Bites in Arnold Apartments

Landlords in Arnold and Annapolis are required by state law to provide their tenants with clean, safe properties fit for human habitation. If they are notified of a bed bug infestation in their apartments, they must act promptly to exterminate the insects and remove the threat. However, some landlords in Arnold and Severna Park are negligent in their duties. They rent apartments infested with insects and opt for cut-rate solutions that leave the noxious critters intact.

As a result, tenants pay the price. They can face growing medical bills as they seek treatment for the aftereffects of bed bug bites. Meanwhile, their property damage expenses and replacement costs can run into thousands of dollars. Residents in Arnold and Severna Park can find themselves forced to discard valuable items like sofas, mattresses, box springs and rugs as part of the effort to eliminate the infestation. When property owners in Parole, Arnold and surrounding communities breach their duties under state law, the experienced bed bug lawyers at Whitney, LLP can help you hold them accountable and seek the compensation you deserve.

Hotels in Arnold With Bed Bug Infestations

When guests travel to Arnold for business or pleasure, they should expect to relax in a safe, clean hotel. Hotel owners in Arnold are required under state law to provide their guests with accommodations that are free of bed bugs and other infestations. Unfortunately, too many visitors wake up to find that they are covered in red bites after a night in an infested hotel. They can require emergency medical treatment to deal with their bites, but the expenses only shoot up further from there. It could be necessary for travelers to leave behind sentimental and costly belongings like suitcases, clothing and outdoor gear because they could risk bringing the bugs back to their homes with them. When hotel owners in Arnold fail to live up to their legally required obligations, injured guests can turn to a bed bug attorney to handle their bed bug bite claims.

Health Problems Caused By Bed Bugs in Arnold Apartments and Hotels

Bites from bed bugs are known for the itchy, red and sometimes painful welts they leave behind. However, the bites are far from the only medical consequences linked to a bed bug infestation in Arnold. Some of the more serious health issues linked to bed bug infestations include the following:

Allergic reactions – Many people never know they are allergic to bed bugs until they experience the reaction following a bite in Arnold. Anaphylaxis involves symptoms like hives, swelling and even breathing difficulties. It can be life-threatening and require hospital care.
Skin infections – Because the bites are so itchy, bed bug victims can scratch them open, even subconsciously or while asleep. Bacteria can enter through open wounds, leading to serious skin infections like cellulitis. Some infections can require hospitalization and intensive antibiotic therapy.
Scarring – Bites from bed bugs leave more than temporary marks in some cases. Victims could need ongoing dermatological care to treat long-lasting scarring due to bed bugs.
Psychological harm – Many victims of bed bug infestations in Arnold later suffer from anxiety, depression and other psychological conditions brought on by the infestation. They need ongoing therapy and treatment to address the trauma.

Arnold, MD, Bed Bug Lawyer for Claims and Lawsuits

You should not have to face the burden of damages caused by negligent, careless property owners and hotel companies in Arnold. If you are suffering due to a bed bug infestation in Arnold, reach out to Whitney, LLP. Our bed bug lawyers can find out who is responsible for your injuries and fight to pursue your claim. There are no out-of-pocket fees or expenses with us. Start by setting up your free consultation. Give Whitney, LLP a call at (410) 583-8000 today or use our Online Quick Contact Form.

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