$100,000 Maryland Bed Bug Settlement

Whitney, LLP obtained a $100,000 bed bug settlement for a hotel guest who sustained an allergic reaction to multiple bed bug bites. Maryland hotels are required to provide clean hotel rooms, free of infestation, including bed bugs. When a hotel guest is bitten by bed bugs, that guest has legal rights and can recover compensation.

Whitney, LLP has recovered over $14,000,000 for clients in bed bug claims, and can maximize the value of a bed bug settlement.

Hotel Pays $100,000 Bed Bug Settlement

The guest traveled to Maryland for a sports tournament. She booked a room at a well-known brand hotel with a reputation for quality. The day after she slept in what appeared to be a clean room, she experienced intensely itchy skin lesions all over her body. The itch and pain progressively worsened, and she sought medical care. At the time, she did not know she had been bitten by bed bugs.

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The Hotel Guest Needed Medical Treatment

The dermatologist prescribed Prednisone along with an antihistamine and steroid topical cream. Her symptoms slowly subsided, but once she completed her course of Prednisone, the symptoms re-surfaced. She felt miserable.

A second prescription for Prednisone was necessary, which largely alleviated the swelling and inflammation. Some of the bites were on her face and neck and she was extremely self-conscious of her appearance. After researching her symptoms, she began to suspect she had been bitten by bed bugs.

Hotel Attempted Bed Bug Settlement for Nuisance Value

A “nuisance value” settlement is a term used to indicate that a payment will be made not because of a legitimate claim, but just to pay a few dollars to make something go away. Many hotels and their insurance adjusters attempt to classify and treat a bed bug settlement as a nuisance value claim.

Many hotel guests do not realize the value of their claims until they consult with an experienced attorney who can evaluate what a bed bug settlement is worth.

Once the guest suspected that her skin lesions were caused by bed bug bites, she called the Hotel and asked that the room be inspected. The room was inspected by a licensed pest control company and multiple bed bugs were detected in various life stages, indicating a long-term presence.

However, the Hotel refused to provide a copy of the report and lied about the results. The guest was informed that only “casings” were found. The Hotel offered her several hundred dollars for a nuisance value settlement, which was rejected.

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Daniel W. Whitney, Jr. and Daniel W. Whitney, Sr.

Whitney, LLP Filed a Lawsuit and Recovered $100,000 Bed Bug Settlement

Upon being retained, Whitney, LLP filed suit and subpoenaed the pest control company service records. The pest control records documented the presence of a significant infestation. Depositions of the pest control technician and Hotel personnel established the facts necessary to prove negligence and violation of the Maryland Consumer Protection Act.

Although a prior guest had complained of bed bugs in the same room, the room was not inspected or treated prior to the arrival of our client. This was a critical discovery that Whitney, LLP often makes after filing suit and reviewing records obtained during the lawsuit.

Once documents were exchanged and depositions taken, the Hotel realized that it had exposure to a significant damages award, and the case settled for $100,000 before trial.

Don’t Expect Honesty From A Hotel Claims Adjuster

A claims adjuster’s typical motivation is to deny or heavily discount a claim. Based on 12 years of bed bug litigation, we have learned that falsely representing the results of the pest inspection is common practice in the hospitality and claims industries. In other cases, hotel personnel and claims adjusters have falsely told guests that bed bug inspections revealed no signs of bed bugs, and only after suit is filed is evidence uncovered from various sources that an infestation was in fact present.

Bed bug victims are often told false information in an attempt to discourage a claim against the hotel. This is why it is important to have an experienced lawyer who is familiar with this tactic, and who knows how to gather the necessary facts to arrive at the truth.

Only by knowing the true facts can fair compensation be achieved.

Whitney, LLP Represents Maryland Hotel Guests in Bed Bug Claims

If you have been bitten by bed bugs in a Maryland hotel, contact Whitney, LLP for a free case evaluation. We have experience representing clients across Maryland and maximizing the value of bed bug settlement.

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“When others did not want to take my case Whitney, LLP was willing. Dan was very very patient with me and his communication was always on point no matter how he reached out. He helped me and my family start our lives all over, I thank him so much.”

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