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Whitney, LLP works to achieve success for our clients by recovering compensation and creating the outcome they desire.

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Of course, prior results are not a guarantee of future results, and all cases are different.

Bed Bug Case Settlements and Results

Many clients ask us how much their bed bug case worth, and what is a typical bed bug hotel or apartment case settlement or value.  The answer depends on how experienced your bed bug lawyer is, and the facts of the case, including the severity of the bodily injuries such as how many bites, how long the bites and itching lasted, whether there is any scarring or skin blemishes, and whether or not the hotel or apartment complex knew about the infestation.  Determining how long a property manager knew about a bed bug infestation can usually only be determined by filing a lawsuit and obtaining records from the property’s pest control contractor and the property manager. Our experienced bed bug attorney serves Baltimore and surrounding areas including Arnold bed bugs in Hotels, Apartments and Rental properties.

Whitney, LLP often files lawsuits to maximize the value of our client’s case. We have the most experienced Carney bed bug attorney and can evaluate your case for free. We have the best Baltimore Airbnb bed bug lawyer in the area.

Here are a few of our results in bed bug cases. Many resolve confidentiality, but some do not:

  • $800,000 – Annapolis, MD apartment jury verdict
  • $300,000 – Ocean City, MD bed bug settlement
  • $300,000 – apartment bed bug case settlement
  • $200,000 – hotel bed bug settlement
  • $130,000 – hotel bed bug settlement
  • $135,000 – Baltimore apartment infestation bed bug case settlement.
  • $125,000 – apartment bed bug case settlement
  • $120,000 apartment bed bug case settlement
  • $115,000 – apartment bed bug case settlement
  • $105,000 – apartment bed bug case settlement
  • $100,000 – hotel bed bug settlement
  • $100,000 – apartment bed bug settlement
  • $100,000 – hotel bed bug settlement
  • $100,000 – hotel bed bug settlement
  • $100,000 – hotel bed bug settlement
  • $100,000 – hotel bed bug settlement
  • Hundreds of settlements under $100,000 involving hotel and apartment claims and cases

Real Estate and Termite Damage Case Results

Our lawyers successfully represent homeowners in claims and lawsuits involving dishonest home sellers, flippers, real estate agents and real estate brokers.

Termite damage is often hidden or missed, including by negligent WDI/termite inspection or dishonest sellers and flippers that hide and cover up damage.  Cases against home sellers and real estate agents are often settled confidentially.  The following case results can be disclosed.

  • $1,068,750 2019 Jury Verdict in Termite Damage Case in Annapolis, MD. Termite damage was not disclosed and alleged to have been covered up, and we filed a lawsuit against the WDI/termite inspection company, the house flipping company, and one of the individual owners of the flipping company.
  • $195,000 – Settlement in Maryland involving a real estate agent and their brokerage making misrepresentations to the buyers about inspections being successfully completed before closing, but the inspections were never performed. significant termite damage was not uncovered because an inspection was never performed.
  • $180,000 – Settlement in Maryland against flipping company, both the buyer’s real estate agent and seller’s agent after the seller’s agent failed to disclose that he knew about termite activity while the property was under contract, and the buyer’s agent failed to recommend a termite inspection. Our clients moved in and discovered termite damage, and we filed a lawsuit to recover compensation for the damage and their emotional distress.
  • $150,000 in Attorney’s Fees awarded in negligent WDI/termite inspection case. 
  • $140,000 – Settlement in Maryland against negligent real estate agents, real estate brokerages, a flipping company and an individual seller arising out of hidden termite damage that the seller’s real estate agent knew about and covered up
  • Annapolis homeowners get $100k settlement in termite case – Maryland Daily Record
  • $140,000 – Settlement against negligent real estate agents, real estate brokerages, a flipping company and an individual seller arising out of hidden termite damage that the seller’s real estate agent knew about and covered up.
  • $125,000 – Termite Damage Settlement
  • $110,000 – Termite Damage Settlement

Auto Fraud and Car Dealer Case Settlement Results

Many car dealership cases are settled confidentially.  Some of our recent consumer fraud settlements that can be disclosed are as follows:

$100,000 False Imprisonment Settlement Against a Car Dealership – After a new car dealership refused to let our client leave by blocking her car in and trapping her at the dealership to try and force her to sign inaccurate paperwork, she called Whitney, LLP.  Our false imprisonment lawyers recovered surveillance video from the dealership that showed a lot attendant parking a truck to block her in. She was trapped for about one hour before they finally allowed her to leave. After a lawsuit was filed, the case settled for $100,000.

$50,000+ Forgery Settlement – After leasing a luxury vehicle, our client discovered his signature had been forged so the finance manager could add a fraudulent sale of an after-market product to the contract while keeping the payment the same.  The dealership agreed to settle for over $50,000.

Over $50,000 Fraud Settlement against Lutherville, MD car dealer – After purchasing a new car, our client discovered that she had been charged thousands for after-market products including LoJack and extended warranties that had not been enacted. After a mediation with a retired judge, the case settled.

$50,000 Dealership Forgery Claim against Waldorf, MD car dealership – Our client purchased a new car and agreed on a monthly payment. However, the statement she received in the mail had her payment as about $24/month higher.  We came to discover that her signature had allegedly been forged, and approximately $1,500 was added to the amount of her loan after the terms were changed by the finance manager. Read the details from the case on our blog post about it..

$55,000 Dealership Fraud Claim for Fake Options – A new car dealership sold our client a car and charged her almost $8,000 for “dealer-installed options” that did not exist.  When she went back to the dealership and asked what the charges were for, the general manager told her that if she did not like the payments she had to make for it, she could stop paying it and they would repossess the vehicle.  She hired Whitney, LLP to represent her.  After we sent our letter of representation, the dealership offered $2,000.  After filing the lawsuit and claiming violation of Maryland’s Consumer Protection Act as well as Fraud, we took the deposition of the salesman, finance manager and general manager.  The case then settled for $55,000, including payment of our attorney’s fees.

$35,000 New Car Dealership Submitted False Contract – Our clients purchased a new vehicle with an amount financed of $28,000.  They received an alert from a credit monitoring application that a balance of $30,0000 had been added to their credit. When they investigated, they discovered the dealership had submitted a different contract to the finance company.  Despite being caught red-handed, the dealership denied doing anything wrong.  Within 30 days after Whitney, LLP filed a lawsuit against the dealership, they settled for $35,000.

$25,000 and Buy Back for Bad Maryland Safety Inspection – A small used car dealer sold our client a damaged car that should not have passed the required Maryland Safety Inspection.  When the car was examined on the lift, obvious damage was discovered.  There was no good explanation other than the inspector passed the car when they should not have. The settlement included $25,000 and the return of the car to the dealer, with the trade line deleted from her credit history.

Over $24,000 for a dealer not telling a customer that financing was not approved –  After our client traded in her car to buy a new one, the dealership failed to tell her, in writing, that financing had not been approved within the 4 day period required by Maryland law.  Instead, she was not informed at all, and was deceived into paying more money for a different deal than she agreed to after her financing terms were changed.  Our client felt that something was not right, and called Whitney, LLP for a legal consultation. After speaking with her and reviewing her documents, we realized that financing had not been approved, giving our client the right to unwind the deal. Because she wanted to keep the car, after filing a lawsuit, we recovered compensation for her that more than covered the increased cost and provided additional compensation for the distress of the situation on top of the actual increase in cost.

$30,000 for false information on a credit application  – Our client obtained financing for a car she could not afford after a dishonest finance manager put false information on her credit application, including promoting her to an Assistant Manager from a Stylist. The case settled quickly after the lawsuit was filed, and she was able to get her trade-in back and pay it off with the settlement proceeds.

$22,400 and vehicle purchased back hidden damage – Our client, a young woman, purchased a used car from a car lot in Prince George’s County, Maryland.  Before purchasing the car, she asked if it had any problems, and was told “no.”  After purchasing it, she noticed it was not driving right and was making loud noises when operating it.  She asked to return the car, and was told no.  She then hired Whitney, LLP.  We investigated and found out that the owner of the used car lot had purchased the vehicle at an auction about a week before he sold it to our client, and that when he bought it, it was listed at auction as having “structural damage.”  After filing suit, the used car dealership settled the case for $22,400, including purchasing the vehicle back from our client and paying our attorney’s fees.

$17,500 – Fraud by Increasing the Trim Level – At a used car dealership in Ellicott City, MD, our client bought a car that was advertised as having a higher trim level than it really was. However, the badging/stickers had been added to the car to make it appear that the car was the fake trim level. After purchasing the car, our client discovered the fraud and hired Whitney, LLP. We filed the lawsuit alleging violation of the Maryland Consumer Protection Act and fraud. After a mediation, the case settled for $17,500.

$17,500 New Car Dealership Altering Contract Claim– After our client purchased a car, the finance manager added a “Dent and Ding” protection package onto her contract in order to increase his number of after-market products he sold to consumers, and submitted the fraudulent Buyer’s Order and Retail Installment Sales Contract to the finance company.  Our client hired Whitney, LLP to represent her after she found out her contracts had been altered.  We settled her case for $17,500 after contacting the dealership with a letter of representation.

$16,400 for Hidden Damage and Vehicle Purchased Back – Our client lived in Florida and purchased a used vehicle via E-Bay (a terrible idea) from Trident Automotive, a used car seller located in Maryland. The seller advertised the vehicle as rust free and in great condition.  After wiring the money to the seller, the vehicle, a 2002 Toyota 4Runner, was shipped to Florida to our client’s house.  The client took the vehicle to the local Toyota dealership, where they inspected it and determined that it had so much rust damage it was unsafe to drive.  The seller ignored our client’s phone calls and text.  After our client hired Whitney, LLP, we sent a letter to the seller, who ignored us as well.  After we filed the lawsuit, the case settled for $16,400, and included the used vehicle being purchased back by the seller.

$9,000 Down Payment Recovered from Dealer in Waldorf, MD – After purchasing a vehicle, our clients received a phone call over 30 days later that financing had not been approved. They were given the option of putting down $5,000 more as an increased downpayment in addition to the $9,000 they had already put down, or, returning the car and getting only some of the $9,000 down payment back. Maryland law requires written notice within 4 days after financing is not approved, and 100% of the down payment returned. After calling Whitney, LLP, we filed a spot delivery lawsuit against National Motors and recovered their $9,000 down payment in full.

$10,000 for tricking customer into buying a warranty – A dealer in Waldorf told our client she had to buy a warranty in order for financing to be approved.  That was a lie that our client discovered after calling us for a Legal Consultation after she saw our add on Facebook.

$9,000 for Spot Delivery Violations alleged against Baltimore, MD new car dealership – Client’s expenses related to not being informed of financing not being approved recovered, as well as attorney’s fees.

Over $12,000 for failing to honor the online price – Our client went to a dealership after finding a car they liked at a good online price. After arriving at the dealership, the salesman and finance manager tricked him into signing paperwork for a higher price after falsely stating he did not qualify for the online price. The settlement included money that the customer paid over the advertised price and attorney’s fees.

Over $16,000 for faking a Maryland Vehicle Safety Inspection –  Our client bought a used car and later discovered that the safety inspection had been faked.  After suit was filed, the dealer paid off the customer’s loan that was due to the finance company and paid attorney’s fees.


“When others did not want to take my case Whitney, LLP was willing. Dan was very very patient with me and his communication was always on point no matter how he reached out. He helped me and my family start our lives all over, I thank him so much.”

– Client

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“I would definitely recommend this firm. I contacted them just to get some insight and I was informed that I indeed had a case, and they won! Any questions or concerns I had were answered and explained clearly. They were very kind and informative throughout the whole process. I am very grateful that I stumbled across their page, it has changed my life. Thank you.”

– Client

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Mistaken Eviction Lawyer – $275,000 Settlement

After a Maryland landlord evicted the wrong apartment, Whitney, LLP recovered a mistaken eviction settlement of $275,000 for our client.  After going to work that morning, our client came home at the end of the day to find her apartment empty.  Her rent was paid in full, she had not breached her lease and she had not received any eviction notices from the landlord.  How could this happen?

Maryland Condominium Mortgage Fraud Lawyer
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Caliber Collision Complaints – $140,000 Settlement

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