Bed Bugs in Towson District Court

A single bed bug was found in a filing room in the District Court of Maryland in Towson, MD, according to an article in the Baltimore Sun.  According to the article, canines are being brought in to sniff out the bed bugs.  Based on our experience, all bed bug-sniffing canines are not trained equally. While some canines are highly trained and are capable of sniffing out bed bugs, others are not trained at all.

We have seen several cases of unscrupulous pest control companies operating in Maryland who claim to have highly trained canines.  In reality, those companies have been unwilling, and more likely unable, to produce certification of their canines being trained.  When pest control companies lie and mislead their customers about the training received by their dogs, not only are their customers being defrauded, but additional innocent victims who live and work in the buildings being “inspected” by the untrained canines will likely have their bed bug problem prolonged.

Until the details are released about what company did the treatment and what results they found, it might be a good idea to keep your distance from Towson District Court.

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