Bed Bugs in Used and Infested Mattresses

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Used mattresses are big business in the United States. A recent exposé in Mesa, Arizona shed light on the disturbing practice: Click here to read about what really happens in the used mattress industry.

Whether the mattress being sold is new or used, the merchant has a duty to provide a mattress that is free of bed bug infestation. A merchant selling a used mattress must disclose that it is used. What many people do not know is that the used mattresses that are supplied to the stores for sale are often salvaged straight out of dumpsters and sold to the store for $10 or less per mattress. A new cover is sewn on onto the mattress, covering up blood stains, urine stains, and other bodily fluids, as well as bed bug infestations.

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By the time the unsuspecting customer brings the used mattress into their home and realizes there is a problem, often times the infestation has spread to their entire home.The purchaser also risks contracting any disease from any germs that are on the used mattress.

Even if the mattress that was purchased was not infested with bed bugs, if the purchaser was deceived into thinking they bought a new mattress, and the mattress was used, they are entitled to compensation for their damages.

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