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pest control photopinPest Control companies have a duty to properly inspect for and treat all infestations, including bed bugs.  When a pest control company fails to properly inspect and detect an infestation of bed bugs in an infested home, hotel room or apartment building, the tenant is left with an infestation that continues to plague them.  In an apartment complex situation, if the pest control company fails to detect the infestation, the property manager will often refuse to have another company inspect, leaving the tenant at the mercy of the bed bugs.

When a pest control company fails to treat an infestation properly, the person whose residence they negligently treat can be severely injured.  We have seen cases where the pest control company dumped gallons of poison into an elderly woman’s apartment over several years, never ridding the apartment of bed bugs, but causing the tenant to become severely ill from the poison, and prolonging the time she was bitten.

Unfortunately, some pest control companies do not follow industry guidelines, and actually worsen the problem they are called to fix.  We have experience holding these companies responsible for their negligence.  Call us to discuss your case.

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