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stop evictions 300x204 - Bel Air South, MD, Wrongful Eviction AttorneyBel Air is the seat of Harford County and is located up I-95 from White Marsh and Aberdeen. Many military families who are stationed at the Aberdeen Proving Ground take up residence in Bel Air, and the Maryland town is home to just over 10,000 residents. Bel Air and the nearby areas of Middle River and Joppatowne are home to rental apartments and housing units.

Landlords cannot use self-help to evict tenants, and cannot change locks, do lock-outs, or turn off utilities, including gas, electric, or hot water, due to late rent or a tenant staying past the end date of the lease.

If your legal rights for evictions have been violated, the attorneys at Whitney LLP have experience fighting back against bad landlords.

Here are reviews from some of our past clients, and here is a link to an article The Baltimore Sun published on an illegal eviction lawsuit our attorneys recently filed. Whitney, LLP’s wrongful eviction lawyers offer free consultations, and our eviction clients pay no out-of-pocket costs or expenses. Call 410-583-8000, or use our Quick Contact Form, for help with your illegal eviction claims.

Legal Rights for Evicted Bel Air South, MD, Tenants

Maryland laws are clear about tenant legal rights for eviction. You cannot be removed from your residence if the landlord has not gone to court and gotten an order from the judge that is carried out in the presence of the sheriff.

Not only is the law clear, but the legal protections in your lease should keep the landlord from violating your rights. You must have the opportunity to be heard and usually have the right to pay back the rent that you owe. If you have not had a chance to exercise these rights, or if the landlord has tried to intimidate or harass you to get you to leave, then searching for a wrongful eviction attorney near me, and finding Whitney, LLP’s tenants’ rights lawyers, can help you.

Can a Tenant Sue for a Wrongful Eviction?

Yes, a lawsuit for a wrongful eviction is often your only remedy after a landlord violates your tenant legal rights for eviction and evicts you without a court order, or turns off your utilities, or locks you out.

Ordinarily, you would have the right to appeal the eviction in court. If this right was denied to you by the Bel Air South, Middle River or Joppatowne landlord acting outside the judicial process, bringing the case to court is likely the only way that you will get relief. In order to file the lawsuit, you can contact Whitney, LLP’s illegal eviction lawyers to begin the process.

Damages for Wrongful Evictions

If you are successful with your court case, your landlord may be ordered to pay you money to compensate you for all the harm that you have suffered. This starts with the cost that you incurred in finding a new place to live along with any damage to your property.

Your compensation does not end there. The landlord may also need to pay you non-economic costs that can include the humiliation and emotional distress that you suffered from the wrongful eviction.

Wrongful Eviction Attorney Near Me in Bel Air South, MD

When you need help after a wrongful eviction, or if the landlord locked you out, changed the locks, or turned off your gas, electric or hot water, call Whitney, LLP’s lawyers for tenants.

The attorneys at Whitney, LLP can help when your landlord has broken the law. We can act forcefully to make sure that your case is heard. Contact us online, or call us today at (410) 583-8000 to request a cost-free initial consultation to learn more about your legal

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