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Spot Delivery and Car Financing Consumer Attorney

Can a Car Dealer Keep A Down Payment if the Customer Can’t Get Financing?   In Maryland, the answer is clearly  NO – and it is is the law. The car dealership also has to return the customer’s trade in vehicle immediately if financing is not...

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Terminix and Termite Damage Complaints in Maryland

Despite being one of the largest and most widely used pest control companies in the nation, Terminix sometimes fails to provide the services it promises to customers. Too many Maryland homeowners have misplaced their trust in termite and pest control companies to...

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Philadelphia Bed Bug Lawyer Injury Claims

The bed bug injury claim lawyers at Whitney, LLP have noticed an increase in 2018 in calls from potential clients involving bed bug cases in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Philadelphia is also ranked number 12, down from number 9 in 2017, on Orkin Pest...

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Attorney for a Termite Inspection Lawsuit in Maryland

Pest inspection companies like PestNow, Orkin and Terminix pledge to thoroughly check your home for termites, giving you peace of mind that your property is in sound condition. However, pest control companies do not always follow through on their promises to...

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