Caliber Collision Complaints – $140,000 Settlement

If you have Caliber Collision complaints, want to file a Caliber Collision lawsuit, or need a lawyer for car repairs in Maryland, contact the Maryland car repair lawyers at Whitney, LLP.   Our Maryland car repair lawyers have experience bringing claims against Caliber Collision to recover compensation in claims alleging negligent and defective repairs, and repeatedly failing to properly repair their customer’s vehicle.

If you have Caliber Collision complaints or are worried your vehicle was not properly repaired, contact Whitney, LLP’s Maryland car repair attorneys.  If your repair was not performed properly, you have legal rights, including but not limited to filing a Caliber Collision lawsuit and seeking compensation for all damages, including recovering the cost of the proper repairs, economic loss and emotional distress. 

Whitney, LLP can also recommend an experienced Maryland expert to perform a post-repair inspection on your vehicle to determine whether a repair was performed correctly or not. 

Whitney, LLP’s car repair attorneys represent consumers in defective car repair cases across Maryland, including Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia, Germantown, Silver Spring, Waldorf, Glen Burnie, Ellicott City, Frederick, Dundalk, and Rockville.  We offer Free Case Evaluations. 

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Caliber Collision Lawsuit - Caliber Collision Complaints - $140,000 Settlement

Caliber Collision Lawsuit

Lawyer for Car Repairs – Types of Caliber Collision Complaints

As an experienced lawyer for car repairs, Whitney, LLP’s attorneys have have filed multiple lawsuits against Caliber Collision.  A Caliber Collision lawsuit often alleges a variety of types of claims, including but not limited to:

  • Negligent repairs;
  • Negligent supervision;
  • Unrepaired damage;
  • Improperly repaired damage;
  • Car returned in defective condition;
  • Car returned in dangerous and unsafe condition;
  • Car repeatedly returned to Caliber Collision after the initial repair for recurring problems, the problem is not fixed, and the cu
  • False representation that damaged parts were replaced, but they were not.

Consumers who trust Caliber Collision to properly perform repairs are entitled to properly performed repair.  A properly performed Caliber Collision repair includes using the correct parts, replacing damaged parts, performing the repairs in a reasonable manner that meets the standards of the car repair industry, and not making false representations to the consumer. 

Consumers whose vehicles were not properly repaired by Caliber Collision have many legal rights and can fight back.  If you need a Maryland lawyer for Caliber Collision complaints or want to file a Caliber Collision lawsuit, call Whitney, LLP’s car repair attorneys.  Whitney, LLP’s attorneys have experience fighting back against Caliber Collision and recovering compensation for defective repairs. 

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Caliber Collision Lawsuit filed by Whitney, LLP – $140,000 Settlement

Our client, a salesman who drives to see his customers, alleged that Caliber Collision repeatedly failed to repair the frame damage on his Toyota Tundra after a collision.  The allegations of this Calber Collision lawsuit are as follows.  Caliber Collision denies the allegations and denies any wrongdoing.

After our client was involved in a collision, his insurance company, State Farm, provided a list of recommended insurance companies with Caliber Collision in Westminster, Maryland at the top of the list.  Based on State Farm’s recommendation, our client had his Toyota Tundra towed to Caliber Collision.

Eight weeks later, Caliber Collision called and told him that his truck had been repaired and was ready to be picked up.  However, when he arrived, the truck still had deep scratches on the paint, runs in the paint, window moldings that had not been replaced and parts missing.  Our client declined to take the truck and told Caliber Collision to fix it properly.  Approximately one week later, he returned, paid his $1,000 deductible, and took back his truck.  

Upon returning to get his truck and paying the $1,000 deductible, our client received a Final Bill, which included an itemized entry for a “Frame/Unibody RT Side Frame” repair.   Our client quickly began to experience problems with his truck after getting it back, including loose components, a vibrating and wobbling sensation at high speed and uneven tire wear.  

Screenshot 2024 04 21 at 10.52.50 AM - Caliber Collision Complaints - $140,000 Settlement

Car-O-Liner Report Measuring Frame Damage after “Repaired” by Caliber Collision

The Frame Damage Was Actually Not Repaired After the “Repair” by Caliber Collision

After a vehicle has been in a collision, continued wobbling and shaking after other repairs have been made is a tell-tale sign of existing frame and/or suspension damage.  However, frame damage is expensive to repair, and many repair shops that perform repair work for insurance companies try to avoid expensive repairs in an effort to remain on an insurer’s list of “preferred” repair centers.

Frame damage is a serious safety problem that can compromise the structural integrity of a vehicle, often leading to a total loss being declared.  When a vehicle continues to be operated despite having frame damage, the occupants are at risk of injury due to the vehicle no longer being able to absorb an impact as it was originally designed to, due to the prior impact altering the frame.

Among other consequences, frame damage can cause the energy from a collision to be transferred throughout the vehicle in unintended ways and can cause the vehicle to absorb impact other than as intended by the manufacturer.  In addition to a frame-damaged vehicle being unable to absorb an impact as intended, one such potential consequence of frame damage is having air bags going off too late after a collision, which can result in serious injury or worse.

Our client returned the truck three times to Caliber Collision, continuing to report that the truck was not driving correct and specifying the loose components, a vibrating and wobbling sensation at high speed, and/or uneven tire wear.  Nonetheless, Caliber Collision did not fix the frame damage.

caliber collision complaints frustrated customer - Caliber Collision Complaints - $140,000 Settlement

Caliber Collision Did Not Repair Frame Damage After Multiple Complaints

 Nonetheless, after each time our client returned his truck, Caliber Collision told him it did not find frame damage.  Instead, at different times, our client was told by Caliber Collision’s manager that the tires that Caliber Collision installed had “bad beads,” that the loose components had been fixed, that there was no frame damage, that a frame measurement had been made and it showed no damage, and that an alignment had been performed and the truck had no frame damage.

Still, our client knew that something was wrong with his truck and it took it to a local, independent mechanic for  an alignment.  The local shop’s inspection revealed significant problems.  The problems included that the alignment was severely off with the front adjustments maxed out, potential bending in the frame and control arms and a shifted rear axle. 

Our client then was recommended to have a post-repair inspection performed, and took it to a trusted local expert.  The trusted local expert inspected the truck and performed a frame measurement on a properly calibrated Car-O-Liner machine.  The Car-O-Liner frame measurement detected severe frame damage.

The trusted local expert’s comprehensive inspection found the following on the truck:

  • Severe frame damage;
  • The frame was buckled and bent;
  • The frame measurements that Caliber Collision provided showing no frame damage were completely inaccurate;
  • Improper welding in many areas requiring further repair;
  • Incorrect fasteners used throughout the repair;
  • Buckles in the roof were not repaired, which requires a new roof;
  • Numerous other repairs were performed incorrectly; 
  • The truck was unsafe and dangerous to drivel and
  • The truck should have been totalled and not repaired. 

Once our client was informed his truck had severe frame damage and was unsafe to operate, he purchased another vehicle to drive.  However, he was still responsible for bearing the financial burden of the inoperable truck, including making payments and keeping it insured.

In addition to the damaged truck and related economic losses, our client experienced emotional distress, including anxiety and sleeplessness, stemming from his multiple attempts to have Caliber Collision fix his truck.  These challenges significantly impacted his well-being and finances, leaving him no choice but to search on Google for a “Maryland lawyer for car repairs.”  He then found Whitney, LLP’s Maryland car repair attorneys and contacted us.

Once Whitney, LLP’s lawyers for car repairs were hired, we hired our expert to inspect the Tundra, confirmed the frame damage and other defective repairs, and filed the Caliber Collision lawsuit.  The Caliber Collision lawsuit included claims for negligence, negligent misrepresentation and non-disclosure and violation of Maryland’s Consumer Protection Act.

After Whitney, LLP filed suit and we obtained Caliber Collision’s internal service records, the Caliber Collision lawsuit eventually settled for $140,000.  Of course, all cases are different, and past results do not guarantee future outcomes. 

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Compensation for Caliber Collision Complaints

Compensation can be recovered for multiple types of damages in defective car repair claims.  As an experienced lawyer for car repairs, Whitney, LLP has successfully recovered compensation in defective car repair cases.

The types of compensation that can be recovered in defective car repair cases can include:

  • Cost of proper repairs;
  • Value of vehicle when it should have been totalled;
  • Storage costs;
  • Rental car costs;
  • Insurance costs;
  • Deductible paid for defective repair;
  • Emotional distress including stress, anxiety, frustration and sleeplessness; and
  • Punitive damages for fraud and intentional misrepresentations, such as representing that parts have been replaced when they have not been repaired, and representing that repairs have been made when they have not. 

If you brought your vehicle to a Maryland Caliber Collision location and have Caliber Collision complaints, call Whitney, LLP to discuss your claims.   After evaluating your claim, we may be able to file a Caliber Collision lawsuit and recover significant compensation on your behalf.

Caliber Collision Complaints 1 - Caliber Collision Complaints - $140,000 Settlement

Caliber Collision Complaints – Why Recommended by the Insurance Company?

Caliber Collision is known in the car repair industry as a high volume, high turnover car repair company that performs repair work for insurance companies.  Most customers of Caliber Collision are recommended to Caliber Collision by their car insurance company after a collision.  The question that customers should ask is, why are they being recommended by their insurance company to Caliber Collision?

Caliber Collision performs the majority of its collision repair work with those repairs being paid for by insurance.  Because Caliber Collision’s main source of work is from insurance companies, Caliber Collision may have a financial incentive to keep the insurance companies happy so work keeps coming in.

Generally, insurance companies have a financial incentive to spend as little as possible on their customers’ claims.  In car repair claims, this tension can create a conflict between the interest of the customer to have their vehicle repaired properly or declared a total loss, which may be very expensive, and the interest of the insurance company to spend as little as possible.  When an insurance company is involved in paying for a car repair claim, the result can be that necessary repairs are not performed to customers’ vehicles, corners are cut, damage is not repaired properly, and vehicles can be returned to customers in dangerous and defective conditions.

daniel whitney jr daniel whitney sr  - Caliber Collision Complaints - $140,000 Settlement

Daniel W. Whitney, Jr. and Daniel W. Whitney, Sr. of Whitney, LLP

Caliber Collision Complaints and Caliber Collision Lawsuits – Whitney, LLP.

As an experienced Maryland lawyer for car repairs, Whitney, LLP’s attorneys know that many consumers are not aware of the many legal rights they have when their vehicle is not properly repaired.  Fortunately, we are aware of those legal rights and have experience holding car repair companies responsible for their actions and deception. 

If Caliber Collision or any other Maryland car repair company failed to properly repair your vehicle, contact Whitney, LLP for your Free Case Evaluation.  

After Car Accident - Caliber Collision Complaints - $140,000 Settlement

Locations of Caliber Collision in Maryland

According to Caliber Collision’s website, there are 50 Caliber Collision locations in Maryland.  As a Maryland lawyer for car repairs, Whitney, LLP is able to provide representation in Caliber Collision complaints and can a file Caliber Collision lawsuit arising out of repair work performed at any of these locations. 


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