Can Pest Companies Be Held Financially Responsible if They Fail to Detect Termites in My Home?

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Many Maryland residents suffer due to the presence of termites in their homes. After all, these houses are often older buildings with wood construction, and thousands of termites may be termite damage 1 - Can Pest Companies Be Held Financially Responsible if They Fail to Detect Termites in My Home?present. If you are concerned about these invasive pests, you may turn to a pest company to inspect the home and look for any signs of termites in order to exterminate the insects. Unlike other pests, termites can cause permanent structural damage to your home. However, some companies do not live up to their contractual duties. Despite agreeing to inspect a home for termites, they report that none were found. Later, the termites that were actually present may cause serious damage leading to significant expenses.

Suing Maryland Pest Control Companies

If you own a Maryland home that was damaged after a pest company reported it to be free of termites, you may be able to be compensated for your termite damage repair costs and subsequent exterminations as a result. In 2019, our law firm Whitney, LLP obtained a verdict of $1,068,000 against a negligent termite inspection company on behalf of one of our clients. This is only one of the successful termite damage settlements and verdicts we have secured in cases where pest control companies and other professionals fail to uphold their responsibilities. We offer free consultations for our clients who discover termites after their experience with a negligent pest control firm or termite damage contractor, and you will not incur any out-of-pocket fees or expenses.

One of our client’s cases was featured in an investigative report by Barry Simms of Maryland television station WBAL, who warned about undisclosed infestations. Read the article and watch the video to find out more about others in similar situations throughout the state. At Whitney, LLP, we have experience in suing parties responsible for causing harm to homeowners, including real estate agents, dishonest sellers, house flippers, and negligent pest control companies that fail to properly handle a termite infestation.

When a Maryland Pest Company’s Negligence Results in Termite Damage

Pest companies operating in Maryland have a responsibility to provide a certain level of care to the homeowners that hire them, including following industry standard practices and living up to their duties specified in the contract. Some, however, may try to evade responsibility for the harm caused by undiscovered termites by disclaiming liability in the agreement. However, these companies also have a responsibility to avoid misleading and deceptive practices. When pest companies do not live up to their obligations and fail to discover obvious signs of termites, homeowners may find themselves facing thousands of dollars in losses due to their negligence. These homeowners may be able to file a lawsuit against the pest company for the harm they suffered as a result. At Whitney, LLP, our experienced attorneys can determine if you have a claim against the pest company that failed to detect termites in your home.

Maryland Termite Lawyer for Claims and Lawsuits

If you want to recover the termite damage repair costs and other losses you have incurred due to a negligent Maryland termite infestation, contacting the experienced termite attorneys at Whitney, LLP is your first step. You should not have to suffer due to the consequences of a pest control company or termite damage contractor’s negligence. If you had your home inspected by a pest company only to later discover termite damage, our experienced lawyers can fight hard to get the compensation you deserve from those who are at fault. Request a free consultation by calling Whitney, LLP at (410) 583-8000 or by contacting us online right away. There will be no out-of-pocket fees or expenses for you to bear, and we do not recover our attorney’s fees or expenses unless we recover compensation for you.

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