Can Pest Companies Be Held Responsible If They Detect Termites But Do Not Eradicate Them?

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Termites are all too common in Maryland, where many homes are older and constructed of wood. As a result, people may turn to a Maryland pest control company to inspect their homes IMG 5819 1 1024x768 - Can Pest Companies Be Held Responsible If They Detect Termites But Do Not Eradicate Them?for termites and exterminate them if they are found. In some cases, well-known companies like Orkin or Terminix, and smaller companies as well, fail to detect an infestation. However, in other circumstances, a pest control company may inform the homeowner of the presence of termites and pledge to treat them, which is often a costly service. After the homeowner pays the bill, however, some companies may not do everything they promised. As a result, the termites remain inside the home, causing hidden serious damage and extensive financial losses to the homeowner.

Can You Sue a Maryland Pest Company That Failed To Get Rid of Termites?

You may be able to hold a Maryland pest control company or termite damage contractor responsible for the harms caused if they failed to properly exterminate the termites inside your home or repair the ensuing damage. At Whitney, LLP, our experienced lawyers have helped homeowners throughout the state recover substantial termite damage repair settlements and verdicts from pest control companies that failed to take proper extermination measures. In one case, we recovered $1,068,000 for one of our clients from a negligent termite inspection company that failed to detect an infestation, leading to severe structural damage. You will not incur any out-of-pocket fees or expenses for us to pursue a termite damage claim, and you can start by requesting a free consultation.

Barry Simms of WBAL covered the experience of one of our clients, a couple who suffered severe termite damage in their home. The experienced termite attorneys at Whitney, LLP have successfully sued the parties responsible for failing to disclose, detect or properly exterminate termites, including home sellers, dishonest or negligent real estate agents, home “flippers” looking for a fast sale and pest companies that fail to detect or exterminate the insects. Our clients have recovered financially for their emotional distress as well as the costs of eliminating the infestation and repairing the damage caused by termites.

Maryland Pest Companies’ Responsibility for Serious Property Damage

Like other Maryland businesses, pest control companies are responsible for providing a certain duty of care to their customers. While some may try to escape liability for their errors by including clauses in their contracts that aim to disclaim responsibility for damages caused by termites that have been left behind, this often does not protect them from responsibility for the harm caused by negligent or fraudulent conduct. Some companies use ineffective measures or insufficient amounts of pesticides, knowing that their extermination methods are insufficient. Others may even knowingly fail to provide proper treatment, and homeowners may have a claim for fraud in these cases. The experienced termite damage repair lawyers at Whitney, LLP can examine your case to determine if you can hold a pest company responsible for failing to exterminate a termite infestation in your home.

Maryland Termite Lawyer for Damage Claims

A Maryland pest company’s failure to follow through on its promises of extermination may lead to severe structural damage and costly termite damage contractor costs for homeowners affected by such negligence. You should not have to bear the burden of the harms caused by a careless pest control company. Start protecting your rights by contacting the attorneys at Whitney, LLP. If you suffered damage to your home as a result, we can find out who is at fault and fight to hold them financially accountable for your losses. Request your free consultation today by using our online form, or call Whitney, LLP at (410) 583-8000. There are no out-of-pocket expenses or fees for us to pursue your claim.

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