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car dealer raised the price 300x191 - Car Dealership Fraud Lawyer Serving Laurel, MDLaurel, Maryland is home to more that 25,000 people. Located in Prince George’s County, it is right off of I-95 and 295 before you reach College Park and Hyattsville. Car sellers in the Laurel, Odenton, Greenbelt and Bowie area include new Hyundai, Mazda and Kia dealers, and many used car dealerships.

Many new and used car dealers are dishonest and cheat their customers at every opportunity. They use illegal scams such as forgery, odometer fraud, false online price advertising, keeping down payments when finance is not approved, stealing GAP Insurance and extended warranty money, and running credit checks without telling you. Whitney, LLP’s auto fraud attorneys help car buyers fight back, including unwinding bad deals, getting down payments back, and recovering compensation.

Here are reviews from what some of our past clients have said about us, and here are some of our past settlement results in claims and lawsuits against car dealerships. We offer Free Consultations. Call us at (410) 583-8000 or use our online form to request your free initial consultation today. You will not incur any out-of-pocket fees or expenses.

Laurel, MD, Car Dealer Forgery

Forgery is one of the worst types of auto fraud that a dealer can commit. This is often detected when you get hit with higher payments than anticipated.  However, sometimes the monthly payment is lower than expected because the dealer canceled the GAP or extended warranty, stole most of what you paid for it, and refunded a little bit of it, making your payment lower by reducing your coverage without your knowledge.

Also, if your interest rate is different, or your loan amount is different than what you agreed to at the dealership, you were likely the victim of forgery and fraud.

Forgery occurs often at new and used car dealerships, and Whitney, LLP has helped multiple car buyers recover compensation after discovery forgery and fraud.

Auto Dealer Fraud in Laurel, MD

A Laurel, Bowie or Odenton car dealer may use misrepresentation and other auto fraud schemes to separate you from your money. these schemes include:

Odometer fraud is a way of rolling back or tampering with the odometer to make the car seem like it has less wear and tear. According to the NHTSA, this type of fraud happens 450,000 times every year. This type of fraud can occur anywhere, including College Park or Hyattsville.

The dealer could also be relying on a spot delivery violation to engage in overcharging. This is when they skillfully convince you to drive away with the car when sales terms in the contract are still open and financing has not been approved. Then, they tell you they need a larger down payment or higher payments for you to keep the car. In Maryland, car dealerships are required to immediately return a down payment if financing is not approved. Whitney, LLP helps car buyers recover down payments.

Some car dealers run false online advertisements that misrepresent the price of their cars. Whether it is about the price or condition of the car, everything that the dealer says both online and in person must be true. If a dealer advertises a low price online, but insists on you paying a higher price at the dealership, Whitney, LLP can help.

Finally, a dishonest dealer could check your credit without your permission, driving down your score. That is illegal, and Whitney, LLP can help remove an unauthorized credit check.

Whitney, LLP’s auto fraud attorneys help car buyers fight back against dealerships schemes.

Car Dealer Fraud Attorney Near Me in Laurel, MD

You do not have to accept it when the dealer has swindled your money from you or sold you a bad car with misrepresentation and schemes. Instead, by hiring Whitney, LLP, you can fight back and recover compensation.

The consumer lawyers at Whitney, LLP, have seen many schemes that dealers use and know how to take them on in court. Call us today at (410) 583-8000, or use our online contact form to request your free initial consultation. If we are able to take your case, you pay no out-of-pocket fees or expenses.

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