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used car damage photo 300x203 - Car Dealership Fraud Lawyers Serving Randallstown, MDRandallstown was initially founded near a Liberty Road tavern that was serving customers coming to and from Baltimore. Now, Randallstown is more than just a stop on the way when locals are heading to Owings Mills or Windsor Mill. Liberty Road has a bustling commercial sector that is minutes away from Pikesville. This area includes new and used car dealerships that sell models by Ford, Honda, Mazda, Hyundai, BMW and other manufacturers.

Sometimes, the local car dealership near you has some tricks up their sleeve in the sales process that crosses the line to being illegal, such as forgery, hidden and salvage damage, odometer fraud, spot delivery scams, false advertising, or even running credit checks without permission. We have also seen dishonest dealerships keep and steal the GAP Insurance and extended warranty money, so no coverage is ever put in place.

Even when you catch them, you could have little recourse on your own, and they will likely ignore your complaints. This is when suing a car dealership becomes one of your best options. This is when you need the attorneys at Whitney, LLP to fight for you. We have experience suing new and used car dealerships and recovering compensation for our clients.

Here are reviews from what some of our past clients have said about us, and here are some of our past settlement results in claims and lawsuits against car dealerships. We offer Legal Consultations. Call us at (410) 583-8000 or use our online form to request your free initial consultation today.

Auto Forgery Lawyer Near Me in Randallstown, MD

While lying in the sales process is bad, forgery is special category of auto fraud. We have helped many clients who have said the car dealership overcharged me and forged my signature and initials.  Tell-tale signs of forgery are monthly payments that different, either higher or lower than what was agreed to at the car dealership when you bought it.  Other signs of forgery are the amount financed is different than what was agreed to, and the interest rate is different, either higher or lower, than what was agreed to at the dealership.

Whitney, LLP’s car dealership forgery lawyers can review sales documents and determine if forgery and fraud were committed. We help clients sue car dealerships and recover compensation for being victimized.

Lawyer to Sue a Car Dealership Near Me in Randallstown

Knowing which scams dealerships tend to use can help you to recognize them when they happen. When it comes to overcharging, we have seen many different examples over the years from dealers in Randallstown, Owings Mills and Pikesville. For example, some dealers may charge you for add-ons that don’t exist, such as multiple spare tires, or they may change you more than the price you agreed upon. If it has happened to you, consider hiring Whitney, LLP’s consumer auto fraud lawyers to sue the dishonest car dealership.

False advertising online, and misrepresentation, are also commonly used tactics to cheat customers. Dealerships may list a car for sale online at a low price. When you get to the dealership, however, they may offer you the same car at a higher price. Or, they may offer a car with a higher mileage or a higher price. The car advertised online may also have add-ons that weren’t listed in the ad, or they may lack features that were listed. They may try to deceive you by lying about the car’s condition and history of accidents and damage, or fail to disclose that the car used to be rental car which Maryland law requires them to disclose.  When any of these things happen, Whitney, LLP’s attorneys may be able to help you fight back.

Dishonest dealerships may also offer you a car with a manipulated odometer that displays a lower mileage.  Odometer fraud is a common issue that customers usually discover after buying the car, and then finding out that mileage is higher than what the odometer says when the car has more problems that normal, a service technician tells them there are problems with the odometer, or a CarFax shows that the mileage was higher before they bought the car.

Even if there aren’t any issues with the vehicle itself, car dealers may try to trick you during the buying and financing process. When they let you drive off in the new car, and get you to sign the paperwork and take your down payment before they even get your financing approved by the bank, that is called a Spot Delivery. If your application is rejected, they are required to give you written notice within 4 days, and return your down payment. They might try to make you give the car back but keep your down payment or charge other illegal fees. They may also go to a different bank and try to convince you to agree to different loan terms after you’ve taken the car home. Additionally, car dealerships need your express written consent to run a credit check on you. If they run a credit check without your permission, especially multiple times, they can do serious damage to your credit score.

If you suspect you may have been the victim of auto fraud, the suing a car dealership in Windsor Mill, Randallstown or anywhere else in Maryland can help you recover any losses. Whitney, LLP’s attorneys represent car buyers and can help you fight back.

Attorneys for Car Dealership Fraud in Randallstown, MD

When you need a lawyer to sue a car dealership, contact the attorneys at Whitney, LLP. We can help you make return a bad car or damaged car, or recover money that you were cheated out of,  if an auto dealer has scammed you out of your hard-earned money. We offer Legal Consultations. Call us today at (410) 583-8000 or use our Online Form.


“When others did not want to take my case Whitney, LLP was willing. Dan was very very patient with me and his communication was always on point no matter how he reached out. He helped me and my family start our lives all over, I thank him so much.”

– Client

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“I would definitely recommend this firm. I contacted them just to get some insight and I was informed that I indeed had a case, and they won! Any questions or concerns I had were answered and explained clearly. They were very kind and informative throughout the whole process. I am very grateful that I stumbled across their page, it has changed my life. Thank you.”

– Client

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