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forgery photo - Car Dealership Fraud Lawyers Serving Suitland, MDLocated near Andrews Air Force Base, also known as Joint Base Andrews, the unincorporated community of Suitland, Maryland, has approximately 25,000 residents and is near Clinton, Largo, Forestville and Oxon Hill. A mid-sized community in Prince George’s County, there are new Mazda, BMW and Nissan dealerships nearby, and many used car dealerships.

Dishonest dealers use every trick they can think of a means of overcharging and deceiving you. This can include failing to disclose a used car’s rental history, forgery, odometer fraud, false online price advertising, keeping the down payment when financing is not approved ,and running unauthorized credit checks. The auto fraud attorneys at Whitney LLP help car buyers sue car dealerships, unwind bad deals, and recover compensation after being deceived.

Here are reviews from what some of our past clients have said about us, and here are some of our past settlement results in claims and lawsuits against car dealerships. We offer Free Consultations. Call us at (410) 583-8000 or use our online form to request your free initial consultation today. You will not incur any out-of-pocket fees or expenses.

Forgery at Car Dealerships in Suitland, MD

“The car dealership forged my signature” is a common complaint that we hear from new and used car dealership customers. Forgery happens often, and the attorneys at Whitney, LLP find it in about 1 out of every 5 finance contracts we review.

The telltale signs of forgery include:

  • Higher or lower monthly payments than what you agreed to;
  • Canceled GAP or extended warranty policies;
  • Different interest rate than agreed to;
  • A higher or lower loan amount than agreed to.

For committing forgeries, car dealerships can be held legally responsible for the financial and other damages that you have incurred. Whitney, LLP’s attorneys have experience suing car dealerships and recovering compensation for victims of forgery.

Car Dealership Schemes in Suitland, MD

Unfortunately, the list of car dealer schemes extends much further than forgery:

Some car dealers will roll back an odometer so they can increase the price of the car that appears to have less mileage. Not only is this illegal, but it is grounds for suing a car dealership.

The dealer may have run advertising to entice you to buy the car, but the advertisement contains various forms of lying and misrepresentation including low prices that are not honored and increased when you arrive at the dealership. Dealers are legally held to what they advertise and can be liable if they force a customer to pay a higher price.

Dealers can also engage in spot delivery violations in Suitland, Camp Springs, or Oxon Hill, also known as a yo-yo sale. They get you to drive the car away without financing being finalized. Then, they may tell you that they need to increase your payments in order for you to keep the car. Or, they tell you than financing is not approved, but try to keep you down payment. Maryland law requires dealers to return 100% of your down payment if financing is not approved. However, many dealers will try to use legal language to convince you that they are keeping it – do not be fooled. Whitney, LLP helps car buyers get their down payments back when financing is not approved.

The dealer may run an unauthorized credit check on you, which can damage your credit score. This is illegal, and Whitney, LLP can get unauthorized credit checks removed from your credit report.

This is just a partial list of reasons for suing a car dealership. If a new or used dealer has improperly taken money from you or have failed to tell you what you need to know about the car, you need a lawyer who is on your side and who has the experience to sue a car dealership.

Whitney, LLP helps buyers in a variety of car fraud schemes, and offers Free Consultations to all car buyers.

Attorney Near Me for Car Dealership Fraud in Suitland, MD

Overcharging, lying and auto fraud are common practices that car buyers should fight back against. The law gives you rights. When the dealership has violated these rights, you have the ability to hire a lawyer to sue a car dealership and to get your money back.

The auto fraud lawyers at Whitney, LLP are here to help you when you need help to do something about the car dealer that cheated or defrauded you. Call us today at (410) 583-8000, or contact us using our online form for your free initial consultation.  There are no out-of-pocket fees or expenses.

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