Car Fraud Lawyer -Warning Signs of Forgery

Car Fraud Lawyer Explains Warning Signs of Forgery

Having sued numerous car dealers in Maryland as a car fraud lawyer, Daniel Whitney, Jr. has seen the tips, tricks and scams that dealers often use to cheat customers out of their hard earned money. Forgery, of both signatures and initials, is a common practice. The good news is that there are red flags that customers can look for to determine if they have been victims of a dishonest or fraudulent dealership. Watch the video to learn how to detect if you have been a victim.

Below is the transcription:

My name’s Dan Whitney, with the Whitney Law Firm in Towson, Maryland. If you suspect that you’ve been a victim of car contract forgeries, there’s two warning signs that you should look for. First, is your monthly payment different at all from what you agreed to when you were at the car dealership? If your payment is off by a penny, a dollar, or 10 dollars a month, you have an issue. That most likely what that means is a forged signature was placed on a new contract and sent to the finance company, changing your monthly payment amount. That’s why you are now getting a different amount in the mail from the bank that needs to be paid.

The second warning sign that you may need a car fraud lawyer is if your amount financed looks different than it should. By looking at your credit report, see if the amount financed that you agreed to on your original paperwork is that different than what’s reflected on your credit report? If it is, most likely, it means that your signature was forged on a new set of contract documents and sent to the finance company, changing those terms, which is why it looks different on the credit report.

When either of these two scenarios happens to you, or if you just want to have your car contract documents reviewed to see if you’ve been a victim, contact the Whitney Law Firm. We provide free case evaluations. I look forward to speaking with you.

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