Blood Draw Injuries in Laboratories

When a doctor orders a blood test, the patient often goes to Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp or the hospital’s lab for a blood draw called a venipuncture. Venipuncture is an invasive procedure which must be performed with care. The person who performs the blood...

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Laboratories Must Disclose Errors to Patients

After a laboratory test is performed, the lab may realize that it made an error that may impact patient care.  Is the lab obligated to report the error? The answer is a resounding Yes. When an error is not reported and the patient is injured as a result of the...

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How Accurate Are Blood Tests for Celiac Disease?

Celiac disease is an inherited autoimmune disorder that affects about one out of every 100 to 150 people.  The disease causes the immune system to create antibodies in response to gluten, which is found in foods like barley, granola, oats, and crackers.  The...

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How Many People Die from Medical Lab Errors Every Year?

It’s well-known that cancer and heart disease rank among the leading causes of death in the United States.  What fewer people realize is that medical errors claim nearly as many lives as the conditions they seek to treat, becoming the third leading cause of...

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How Accurate Are Blood Tests for Lyme Disease?

With about 30,000 people infected each year, Lyme disease causes a range of serious symptoms, including joint pain, chronic fatigue, facial paralysis, and in rare cases, even death.  Because of these risks, anyone who is bitten by a deer tick should consider...

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“Daniel was excellent! He went above and beyond to help us with what we needed. He was very accessible to us at any time. With us being in VA and being represented out of MD, he was very patient with our timeline and personal schedules. I appreciate all of his hard work and dedication throughout the entire process and would highly recommend him!”

– Client in Virginia

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$30,000 Car Dealership Credit Application Fraud Settlement

$30,000 Car Dealership Credit Application Fraud Settlement

Whitney, LLP recovered a $30,000 settlement shortly after filing a lawsuit alleging fraud on a credit application against the Jones Junction Toyota car dealership in Bel Air, Maryland. In the lawsuit filed in the Circuit Court for Harford County, the allegations...

$60,000 Bed Bug Infestation Settlement at Tall Oaks Apartments

$60,000 Bed Bug Infestation Settlement at Tall Oaks Apartments

A $60,000 settlement was reached in the bed bug infestation lawsuit filed by Whitney, LLP against HPA Tall Oaks, LLC and Hirschfeld Management, Inc. alleging a months-long, improperly treated bed bug infestation at the Tall Oaks Apartment Homes in Laurel, MD.  The...

Lawyers to Help Sue House Flippers for Hidden Home Damage

Lawyers to Help Sue House Flippers for Hidden Home Damage

Despite Coronavirus, the 2020 real estate market is still doing well.  Along with a robust real estate market comes dishonest, fraudulent or negligent sellers, real estate agents, and house flippers whose negligence and fraud ruin the enjoyment of a new home and cause...


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