Common Birth Injuries and How They Happen

Despite our advanced medical technology, birth injuries remain fairly prevalent in the United States, affecting about seven out of every 1,000 babies for an approximate total of 28,000 injuries per year. Many of these injuries are caused by medical malpractice, or...

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“Daniel was excellent! He went above and beyond to help us with what we needed. He was very accessible to us at any time. With us being in VA and being represented out of MD, he was very patient with our timeline and personal schedules. I appreciate all of his hard work and dedication throughout the entire process and would highly recommend him!”

– Client in Virginia

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Top 10 Maryland Dealership Schemes

Top 10 Maryland Dealership Schemes

Misrepresentation and fraud happen all the time at many new and used car dealerships.  The lawyers at Whitney, LLP help car buyers and sue car dealerships across Maryland. Here are the 10 most common schemes at Maryland car dealerships that we help our clients with....

$100,000 Bed Bug Lawsuit Settlement Against WAZ Management

$100,000 Bed Bug Lawsuit Settlement Against WAZ Management

Whitney, LLP recovered a $100,000 settlement in a bed bug lawsuit filed against WAZ Management, LLC in Baltimore City.  WAZ Management moved our client into an apartment that it knew was infested, accused her of bringing the infestation, and finally paid $100,000 to...

Lawsuit Filed Against Global Auto Outlet

Lawsuit Filed Against Global Auto Outlet

On August 3, 2020, Whitney, LLP filed a lawsuit against Barakat, Inc. D/B/A Global Auto Outlet, 4608 St. Barnabas Road, Temple Hills, MD 20748, in Prince George’s County.  The lawsuit alleges that Global Auto Outlet violated Maryland’s Spot Delivery law and ...


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