Free Car Contract Forgery and Fraud Review

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In response to a large number of calls from Maryland car buyers, Whitney, LLP is offering a Free Car Contract review for forgeries and other fraud.  New car dealerships and used car sellers commit illegal forgeries for one of two reasons: Profit or laziness. Either way, the consumer who catches them committing the forgery has a very strong legal case.  Whitney, LLP has represented numerous consumer car buyers in Maryland who have been the victim of forgeries and fraud. More information on vehicle sales contract, fraud and forgery is available here on a recent blog post.

Most consumers will never know if their signature was forged because once they leave the dealership they simply pay the monthly bill until their loan is paid off or they trade the car in. However, it is a widespread problem that is easily uncovered.  Whitney, LLP’s Free Car Contract allows a consumer to determine, for free, if any fraud or forgeries were committed with their car purchase.

3 Simple Steps to Obtaining Your Free Car Contract Forgery Review with Whitney, LLP:

  1. Contact Whitney, LLP at 410 583 8000 or use our Quick Contact Form to let us know you want a Free Car Contract Review.
  2. Send us your original car contract paperwork that you got from the seller. You can email (, fax (800 893 1239) or drop off the  paperwork off at our office in Towson.
  3. We will get your written permission to contact the bank and obtain a copy of the contract the dealership submitted to them.

The bank or finance company usually sends us a copy of the contract they have on file within 3 business days, and sometimes on the same day.  Whitney, LLP will review the contracts side by side, and will discuss with you any discrepancies and your legal rights and options for moving forward with any claims we see.

There is no cost to the consumer car buyer for our services in obtaining and reviewing their car purchase paperwork. If Whitney, LLP discovers forgery or fraud, we will provide legal representation on a contingent basis, meaning our client pays no fees or expenses unless and until we recover compensation for them.  In many cases, the car seller will be responsible for payment of our attorney’s fees.

Contact us now for your Free Car Contract Forgery and Fraud Review, or if you have any questions about your contract.