Do Mortgage Lenders Usually Require a Termite Inspection Before Approving a Home Loan?

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In Maryland, some mortgage lenders will require a termite inspection report before approving a home loan. This inspection will need to be carried out by a termite inspection company and IMG 5808 1024x768 - Do Mortgage Lenders Usually Require a Termite Inspection Before Approving a Home Loan?reported on a standard form provided by the state. Some mortgage lenders know that it is too risky to approve a loan for a home without inspection for termite infestations and damage, especially in a state where termites are all too common due to older buildings, wooden construction and a favorable climate for the insects. Despite a responsibility to disclose relevant facts about the property, real estate agents and home sellers may hide the fact that the home has been damaged by termites in the past or has a current infestation.

Legal Representation for Maryland Termite Damage Cases

Despite these requirements, people still wind up purchasing Maryland homes with damaging termite infestations. They may find themselves hiring termite damage contractors to address the harm done and paying thousands of dollars in repair costs. In many cases, these termite infestations were caused or encouraged by the fraudulent or negligent behavior of home sellers, realtors or even termite inspection companies.

At Whitney, LLP, our experienced termite damage lawyers help Maryland homeowners to fight back and seek financial compensation for the economic and non-economic losses caused by an infestation. In one 2019 case, our attorneys secured a $1,068,000 verdict for a Maryland homeowner against a negligent firm that failed to discover an infestation, leading to serious financial losses. We have successfully secured significant judgments and settlements for termite damage for our clients, and you will not have to bear any out-of-pocket attorney’s fees or expenses.

Barry Simms of WBAL reported on the case of clients of ours who purchased a home that was infested with termites due to their own real estate telling them a termite inspection had been completed when none was done. Our Maryland termite attorneys pursue fraudulent termite inspectors, negligent pest control companies, deceptive real estate agents and careless home sellers for compensation. To pursue your termite damage claims, get started with a free consultation today.

Termite Damage Inspections for Maryland Mortgages

Termite inspections should include the attic, interior and basement of the home, the exterior of the home, and the garage and any fencing that is close to the home or garage. These inspections are mostly visual, and termite inspectors are unable to provide an estimate for the cost of structural termite damage repair although they may supply an estimate for termite extermination. A termite damage contractor will need to provide a separate estimate for the costs of fixing damage to the home. Inspectors look for telltale tunnels to the home’s foundation, as well as termite wings, damage to wood structures, and live termites.

If an active termite infestation is found, the Maryland Residential Real Estate Contract of Sale requires the seller to hire a licensed pest control firm to exterminate the insects, and the seller may need to pay for needed repairs as well. The seller may need to pay all of these costs to up to 2% of the purchase price of the home. If the costs exceed that amount, the seller can cancel the contract unless the buyer chooses to shoulder the burden. Typically, mortgage lenders will only approve a loan once the termite damage repairs have been completed. The contract language is standard, but may be changed if the parties choose otherwise. Determining a buyer’s or seller’s responsibilities under a Contract of Sale can be difficult, and Whitney, LLP can help do that.

Maryland Termite Lawyer for Claims and Lawsuits

When homebuyers receive an inadequate termite inspection, and a mortgage is approved when it should not be, a homebuyer can find themselves facing massive financial losses as a result. If your home has been damaged by termites due to negligence or fraud, contact the experienced termite damage lawyers at Whitney, LLP. We can fight hard to seek the compensation you deserve with no out-of-pocket fees or expenses to you. To request your free consultation, call Whitney, LLP at (410) 583-8000 or use our online contact form today.

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