Does my homeowners insurance policy cover termite damage, or do I need a separate rider?

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Does My Homeowners Insurance Policy Cover Termite Damage, or Do I Need a Separate Rider?

Termites may be small, but they can cause a lot of damage. The National Pest Management Association reports that termites cost American homeowners around $5 billion each year to manage them and repair the damage that they cause. Homeowners insurance policies generally do not cover termite removal or damage. The reason for this is that homeowners can usually prevent severe termite damage by taking care of routine home maintenance in Maryland. Homeowner insurance policies are generally for situations that you cannot control. For coverage, you would need to find an insurance company that would be willing to include a rider for it. However, there are other options to have termite damage paid for.

Legal Consultation for Termite Damage in Maryland

If you have experienced termite damage despite having had a pest control company out for an inspection, then you could be owed compensation for the termite damage repair. In some cases, pest control companies are negligent when they complete home inspections. When they are negligent, they may be responsible for paying to repair the damage.

Also, home sellers sometimes do not reveal or disclose that their properties have termite damage to potential buyers even though the law requires them to. If you have had to hire a termite damage contractor to mitigate an infestation or repair areas of your home, then you should consider legal consultation for termite damage in Maryland.

At Whitney, LLP, our termite damage lawyers we offer free consultations. Also, we do not charge any out-of-pocket fees or expenses if we take your case. We have experience obtaining compensation for those who have suffered from termite damage. In 2019, we recovered a termite damage verdict in Maryland for $1,000,068 against a termite inspection company that was negligent and fraudulent. Along with negligent pest control companies, we have sued house flippers, real estate agents and dishonest home sellers, winning compensation and settling claims for termite damage claims, repair costs, termite treatment costs, and emotional distress. One of our cases was even featured on WBAL with investigative reporter Barry Simms highlighting the danger. After investigating the case, Simms issued a warning to homebuyers.

Can You Get Termite Damage Insurance Coverage in Maryland?

While most standard homeowner insurance policies in Maryland do not include termite damage coverage, it may be available in a premium plan. If you want termite damage coverage, then you should search for a specialty insurance company that does cover it or ask your current insurance provider about adding a rider that will cover it. Purchasing a termite bond contract through a pest control company is another way to obtain termite damage coverage. This is arguably the best option because the pest control company will include regular termite inspections to decrease their risk. Regular inspections will make it less likely that your home in Maryland will ever experience an infestation, but if it does, the pest control company should cover the cost of repairs by sending out a termite damage contractor.

Your regular homeowner insurance policy may cover certain situations. Be sure to learn the signs of a termite infestation to keep damage at a minimum. Signs include insect tunnels near the foundation of your home, swollen floors and ceilings, or droppings and an unpleasant odor. If you have questions about what is covered, contact us for a free consultation.

Maryland Termite Damage Lawyer

If termites have damaged your home, you could be eligible for compensation. At Whitney, LLP, we handle a variety of termite claims. We can review your situation to determine if you have a case and the extent of compensation for termite damage repair and emotional distress you may receive. You should not be faced with the consequences of a shoddy pest control inspection or a previous homeowner’s carelessness or dishonesty.

If there appears to be termite damage at your home in Maryland, the termite lawyers at Whitney, LLP will work hard to find out who is responsible and seek compensation for you. We will never charge you any out-of-pocket expenses or attorney’s fees. Our fees are paid out of compensation we recover for you. For a free consultation, contact Whitney, LLP online or at (410) 583-8000.

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