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Bed Bug Attorney Servicing Edgewood, MDedgewood md - Edgewood, MD Bed Bug Attorney

Located in Harford County, Edgewood, Maryland, is home to over 26,300 people. The unincorporated community is near areas like Abingdon, Clayton and Bradshaw, and it sits on the Bush River, which stretches south to the Chesapeake Bay. It offers strong connections to public transit as well as major highways for commuters, and visitors flock to Edgewood to explore nearby outdoor attractions like the Anita C. Leight Estuary Center and Flying Point Park. Many Edgewood residents live in rented apartments.

While Edgewood offers beautiful views and comfortable connections, an infestation can strike anywhere. The consequences for affected victims can be severe, and many times, a negligent Edgewood landlord or hotel owner is to blame. Bed bug bites can lead to serious medical issues. Beyond the costs of health care, however, the property damage expenses can stack up rapidly as well. If you are a victim of bed bugs in Edgewood, the experienced bed bug lawyers at Whitney, LLP can help you fight back. Our attorneys have recovered over $11 million for clients in bed bug bite claims. There are no out-of-pocket expenses or fees to pursue your case. Start today with a free consultation by calling Whitney, LLP at (410) 583-8000 or by using our simple online form.

Edgewood Apartments with Bed Bug Infestations

In Edgewood, Abingdon and throughout Maryland, landlords are required by state law to provide their tenants with premises that are safe, clean and fit for human habitation. This means that they must be free of bed bugs and other infestations from the moment the lease begins. Further, if Edgewood landlords are notified of an infestation at any point during the term of the lease, they are responsible for acting promptly to exterminate the insects. However, some property owners in Edgewood and Clayton fail to abide by their legal responsibilities. They rent infested apartments to their tenants and fail to use evidence-based, and professional methods to exterminate the insects.

As a result, Clayton and Edgewood tenants can suffer dramatically. They may require medical treatment for their bites, and the property costs quickly start to add up. Bed bugs are challenging to exterminate, and Edgewood residents may be forced to throw out their sofas, mattresses, rugs and other expensive items. Edgewood landlords who breach their duties to their tenants can be held accountable, and an experienced bed bug attorney can help victims pursue their bed bug bite claims and seek compensation.

Bed Bug Bites in Edgewood Hotels

Whether you are staying in a roadside motel or a luxury resort, a bed bug infestation can ruin your vacation in Edgewood. Maryland hotel owners are also legally required to provide their guests with clean, safe accommodations free of bed bugs and other noxious infestations. When they fail to comply with their responsibilities, visitors can find themselves facing extensive bills as a result. Not only may they require emergency medical care for their bites, but they may be forced to leave behind their suitcases, clothing and other belongings. These items may have a value of thousands of dollars, but visitors run the risk of carrying the bed bugs back home again. The bed bug attorneys at Whitney, LLP can help visitors to Edgewood hold negligent hotel owners accountable for the damages caused by their carelessness.

Health Problems Caused By Bed Bugs in Edgewood Hotels and Apartments

Of course, bed bug bites are itchy, red and often painful. However, they are also associated with more serious health effects that may require extensive care and long-term medical treatment. Some of these include the following:
Allergic reactions – Many people only discover that they are allergic to bed bugs after a severe reaction to a bite. Anaphylaxis can lead to hives, swelling, and difficulty in breathing. The effects can be life-threatening, and Edgewood bed bug victims may need hospital care.
Skin infections – Bites from bed bugs cause severe itching, and victims may scratch unconsciously or while sleeping. Bacteria can easily enter the skin and lead to serious infections like cellulitis. Treatment may require hospitalization as well as powerful antibiotics.
Scarring – Some bed bug victims may experience scars as a result of the bites that do not fade away. They may need to pursue dermatological treatment to protect their skin from future damage.
Depression and anxiety – Bed bugs are linked to long-term psychological effects. Many Edgewood victims suffer symptoms of anxiety and depression, requiring ongoing treatment.

Edgewood, MD, Bed Bug Lawyer for Apartment and Hotel Claims

You should not pay the price for the carelessness and negligence of Edgewood apartment and hotel owners. If you are suffering due to bed bugs in an Edgewood hotel or apartment, contact the experienced attorneys at Whitney, LLP. Our lawyers can find out who is at fault for your injuries and fight aggressively for the compensation you deserve, all with no out-of-pocket fees expenses for you to bear. Contact us online right away, or call Whitney, LLP at (410) 583-8000 to schedule a free consultation.

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