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essex md - Essex, MD Bed Bug AttorneyBed Bug Attorney Servicing Essex, MD

Part of Baltimore County, Essex is a community with approximately 40,000 residents. Close to Rossville and Rosedale, it is nestled between the Back River and the Middle River. Essex also attracts business travelers and tourists, and they frequently visit locations like Cox’s Point Park and Rocky Point Park and Beach. With many residents renting their homes, Essex has a large number of apartments to choose from.

Unfortunately, bed bugs can infest all types of rental apartment and hotel properties. Bed bugs can cause painful health problems as well as costly property damage to people. The initial sting of a bed bug bite may be itchy or painful and can even lead to allergic reactions and scarring. However, bed bugs can be so difficult to exterminate that they can also cause lingering psychological harm, including anxiety and depression. If you have suffered due to bed bugs in Essex, contact the experienced bed bug attorneys at Whitney LLP. You will not be required to pay out-of-pocket fees or expenses in order for us to pursue your bed bug bite claims, and you can start the process with a free consultation. Contact us today at (410) 583- 8000 or use our secure online form. Whitney, LLP has recovered over $11,000,000 in compensation for our clients who are victims in bed bug cases.

Bed Bug Infestations in Essex Apartments

In Essex, Edgemere, and throughout Maryland, landlords have a responsibility under state law to provide their tenants with clean, safe properties that are free of bed bugs and other noxious infestations. This duty begins before the lease is signed. In addition, landlords must take action promptly if they are informed of an infestation in one of their properties during the term of the lease. They must ensure that their apartments are clear of bed bugs and safe for tenants. However, despite their duties under the law, some landlords are careless or negligent. They may fail to ensure they are providing a clean property, and they may use cheap methods rather than retain the services of professional exterminators when presented with an infestation.

Not only may you encounter medical bills for treating the direct harm caused by bed bug bites, but you may find your property losses growing by the day. Apartment residents may be forced to get rid of their mattresses, sofas, rugs, clothing and other expensive furniture and items. However, landlords can be held responsible for the damages caused to the residents of their apartments due to their negligence. The bed bug lawyers at Whitney LLP have been able to obtain significant compensation in pursuit of their clients’ bed bug bite claims.

Essex Hotels and Bed Bug Bites

When tourists or business travelers visit Essex, they may find themselves awakening in their hotel room covered in red and itchy bites, a sure sign of bed bugs on the premises. Hotel owners are also mandated under Maryland law to provide clean, safe rooms to their guests free of bed bug infestations and other dangerous insects. However, many of them disregard their responsibilities.

Hotel visitors may be forced to leave behind expensive luggage and all of their clothing to prevent bringing bed bugs back to their own homes. They may face ongoing medical costs as a result of the hotel infestation. Hotel owners can also be held accountable under the law for the damage they cause when they provide their guests with infested rooms.

What Should You Do If You Find Bed Bugs in an Essex Hotel or Apartment?

Bed bugs can be difficult to find during the day, and many people only discover them when they wake up in their hotel or apartment with the telltale bites. However, you may discover red or black stains on your bedding or find the bugs clustered in the seams of your mattress or other upholstered furniture. If you discover bed bugs in your hotel or apartment, you should take photos or videos as a record of the situation.
Report the bed bugs right away to the hotel owner or landlord and demand immediate extermination, and you may want to file a report with the Baltimore County Department of Health as well. You should make sure to get any medical treatment needed, then contact the bed bug attorneys at Whitney LLP to discuss your next steps.

Essex, MD, Bed Bug Lawyer for Claims and Lawsuits

You should not have to pay the price for the harms caused by negligent Essex landlords and hotel owners. If you are a bed bug victim, the bed bug lawyers at Whitney LLP can determine who is to blame for your suffering and fight to secure the compensation you deserve. To request a free consultation without having to pay any out-of-pocket expenses or fees, contact Whitney LLP at (410) 583-8000 or use our easy online form today.

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