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Bed Bug Attorney Serving Fairland, MDfairland md - Fairland, MD Bed Bug Attorney

Located in Montgomery County, Fairland is home to 24,226 residents. This suburban Maryland community neighbors areas like Colesville, Calverton and Konterra, and the area features strong transit connections and highway access for commuting professionals. Visitors come to Fairland for business travel and to explore attractions like Fairland Recreational Park, Martin Luther King Jr. Recreational Area and Paint Branch Trail. About 48% of Fairland residents rent their apartments or homes from landlords and property firms in the area.

While Fairland offers an appealing community, a bed bug infestation can strike anywhere from a one-star motel to luxury development. For residents and guests, the consequences can be devastating. Bed bug bites are linked to serious health problems, and an infestation can quickly lead to accumulating property damage expenses. If you have been injured by bed bugs in a Fairland apartment or hotel, the experienced bed bug lawyers at Whitney, LLP can help you. Our attorneys have secured over $11 million in compensation for our clients in bed bug bite claims. There are no out-of-pocket fees or expenses to pursue your case. To start with a free consultation, contact the offices of Whitney, LLP at (410) 583-8000 or use our secure online form.

Fairland Apartments With Bed Bug Infestations

Landlords in Fairland, Colesville and the rest of Maryland are required to follow state law that prohibits them from renting out apartments infested with bed bugs or other noxious insects. They must also act promptly to exterminate any infestation brought to their attention at any time during the lease. However, some Fairland and Calverton landlords fail to abide by their legal obligations to their tenants. They rent accommodations infested with bed bugs or try to use cheap, ineffective solutions after the infestation has taken hold.

As a result, tenants in Fairland pay the price. Bed bug victims may need immediate medical care as well as an ongoing treatment due to bed bug injuries. Further, property costs can be substantial. Many Fairland tenants own costly items like mattresses, sofas, box springs and rugs. They may need to discard all of these in an attempt to remove an insect infestation from the apartment, racking up thousands of dollars in losses and replacement costs. Negligent Fairland and Konterra landlords can be held accountable for the damages caused by their carelessness. The bed bug attorneys at Whitney, LLP can help injured residents pursue their bed bug bite claims.

Bed Bug Bites in Fairland Hotels

When visitors come to Fairland, they expect to enjoy a relaxing evening in a hotel room. That relaxation can be sharply disrupted when visitors awaken covered in red, itchy bites. Guests may need to receive emergency medical care for symptoms associated with their bites, but that is only the first of the expenses they may face. Because bed bugs travel easily from place to place, Fairland visitors may be forced to leave behind costly and sentimental luggage, clothing and outdoor gear lest they bring the bugs back home with them. In Maryland, hotel owners are required to provide their guests with clean, safe accommodations fit for human habitation and free of bed bug infestations. When Fairland hotel owners negligently violate their duties, victims can pursue compensation.

Health Problems Caused by Bed Bugs in Fairland Hotels and Apartments

You may know that bed bug bites are red, itchy and often painful. However, bed bugs are also associated with more serious medical problems that require ongoing follow-up care. The health care costs associated with a Fairland infestation can be substantial. Some of these concerns include the following:
Skin infections – Because the bites are so itchy, victims will often scratch, even unconsciously. Bacteria can enter the skin and establish a serious infection like cellulitis, requiring hospitalization and high-powered antibiotics for treatment.
Allergic reactions – Many victims only find out they are allergic to bed bugs after being bitten in a Fairland hotel or apartment. Anaphylaxis can include hives, swelling and even difficulty breathing. These life-threatening reactions may need hospital care.
Psychological effects – Anxiety and depression are linked to the effects of a persistent bed bug infection. Victims may need ongoing therapy and support.
Long-term scarring – Some bites may leave scars behind that remain in place, requiring specialized care from a dermatologist.

Fairland, MD, Bed Bug Lawyer for Claims and Lawsuits

You should not have to bear the burden of damages caused by a negligent Fairland landlord or hotel owner. If you are suffering due to bed bugs in a Fairland hotel or apartment, contact the skilled attorneys at Whitney, LLP. Our lawyers will find out who is to blame for your injuries and fight for compensation for your bed bug bite claims, all with no out-of-pocket fees or expenses for victims. Contact Whitney, LLP at (410) 583-8000 to request your free consultation today.

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