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Known as the gateway to get into Southern Florida, Fort Myers has become a booming tourist location for many people looking to learn more about Florida’s history. With big name attractions such as the winter estates of both Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, it’s no surprise that people from all over are either flying or driving long distances to come get a glimpse of the deep history within Fort Myers. Along with having deep history roots, Fort Myers is also the home to many famous athletes spread across baseball, football, MMA, and more. With many home grown athletes making it to the big leagues such as the NFL and MLB, Fort Myers attracts national athletes from all over to get the chance to take their skills to the next level. With all of this tourism and traffic coming through the area, visitors most likely stay in a hotel, rental apartment, or nearby Airbnb. Due to this though, the chances of running into or becoming a victim of bed bugs is severely higher than normal.

The bed bug attorneys of Whitney, LLP have many years of experience representing plaintiffs against negligent pest control companies, hotels, motels, resorts, landlords, cleaning services, and property managers. If you were bitten by bed bugs at a hotel or private residence in Fort Myers, we are here to help you recover compensation. With millions of dollars successfully recovered, our Fort Myers bed bug infestation lawyers are ready to fight for you and your family. The Whitney law firm has recovered over $10 million for our clients in bed bug cases.  Here is what our clients have to say about us. Attorney’s fees and case expenses are paid from only from compensation we recover for you.


The first thing you can do to tell if you have a bed bug infestation is to know what you’re looking for. Bed bugs, for the most part, are very small insects that usually don’t grow larger than one quarter of an inch. Depending on the age of the bed bug, they can also appear in varying shades of brown with younger bed bugs being much lighter than adults. After a bed bug has fed on blood, the appearance can change to a rusty red or nearly black, also depending on the insect’s age and sex.

Bed bugs are nocturnal, which means they normally emerge at night. However, you may see bed bugs during the day if an infestation grows severe, or if food becomes readily available to them during daylight hours. Though they feed exclusively on blood, bed bugs are not choosy about their prey, and will feed opportunistically from humans or warm-blooded pets, depending on what is easiest to reach.

After you’ve become familiar with how bed bugs look, you can start to learn the “calling cards” that they leave behind. Some of these warning signs can include:

  • Strange odors, often described as “musty” or “sweet”-smelling, produced by bed bug alarm pheromones.
  • Small, dark stains with jagged edges, which are caused by bed bugs defecating or being squashed.
  • The presence of bed bug eggs, which look like tiny, pale, almost clear pills.


ARE BED BUGS DANGEROUS?hotel room 7 - Fort Myers, FL Bed Bug Attorney

For most individuals, bed bug bites produce physical symptoms like itching and skin irritation. Unfortunately, some people suffer more serious reactions. For instance, individuals who are sensitive to proteins in bed bug saliva are at risk of experiencing anaphylaxis – an extremely dangerous, swiftly developing allergic reaction marked by effects such as nausea, difficulty breathing, and shock. Some people may experience a slightly milder allergic reaction, characterized by sore, tender swellings in the bitten areas.

Allergic reactions are not the only cause for concern. Excessively scratching bed bug bites creates another risk: bacterial infection. Scratching or picking at bites can open up tears in the skin, enabling dangerous bacteria to enter the body. Examples of bed bug-related skin infections include impetigo, cellulitis, and ecthyma.


Depending on the setting and circumstances, various parties may be at fault for a bed bug infestation and the resulting injuries or property damage. For example, hotels and motels in Fort Myers, FL are required to provide their guests with accommodations that are free of pests and infestations. If a hotel rents out infested rooms, and guests are harmed as a result, those guests may have a claim against the hotel.

Negligent pest control companies are also frequently named in bed bug lawsuits. For example, a pest control company may misrepresent the services it has performed, or may fail to perform the services correctly, causing the infestation to persist. This can occur if a pest control worker is inexperienced, lacks adequate supervision, or lacks adequate extermination equipment.

In most instances, filing a successful personal injury claim hinges having the evidence to prove that you were harmed due to the careless actions, or failures to act, of one or more parties. Medical records, photographs of the infestation, and maintenance records or pest control contracts can all serve as valuable evidence to support your bed bug claim.


If either you or a loved one has suffered due to bed bugs while you stayed in a hotel, motel, or Airbnb, you may be entitled to sue the landlord or hotel manager to receive compensation. The Fort Myers bed bug injury lawyers at Whitney, LLP offer free legal consultations to help you understand what your options are and figure out how much your claim may be. To receive help for your case, call Whitney, LLP today to set up a free legal consultation for your case. Our number is (410) 583-8000. There are no fees or expenses until we recover compensation for you.

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