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Glen Burnie, Maryland, has a population of almost 68,000 people and is close to Severn and Ferndale. A suburb of Baltimore, Glen Burnie is a convenient place to live. Approximately 41% of the homes in the city are owned while 59% are rented. Tourists choose to stay in Glen Burnie’s hotels to visit area attractions such as Sawmill Creek Park or the North Arundel Aquatic Center. Whether people rent apartments in the city or stay in hotels, one problem that they might encounter is bed bug infestations. if you have suffered bed bug bites in your apartment or hotel room, you can benefit by contacting the experienced lawyers at Whitney LLP about potential bed bug bite claims. We offer free consultations, do not charge you any out-of-pocket fees or expenses, and can be reached at (410) 583-8000.

Bed Bugs in Glen Burnie Apartments

Maryland law requires landlords to rent apartments that are free of insects at the time that the lease is signed. If a bed bug infestation is discovered immediately after you have leased an apartment, you may have valid grounds to file bed bug bite claims to recover damages for your economic losses, and they may also be able to recover compensation for the emotional distress that they have suffered.

When bed bugs infest an apartment during the lease term, Glen Burnie landlords have the duty to immediately remediate the problem and to rid the apartment of bed bugs. If they breach this duty and fail to take corrective measures, you may be able to file a lawsuit seeking appropriate damages.

Glen Burnie Hotel Bed Bug Infestations

When people stay in Glen Burnie hotels, they might think that renting a room in a licensed lodging will ensure that their rooms are nice, clean, and safe. However, bed bugs do not discriminate based on the quality of a hotel and can infest rooms that are located anywhere. Hotel operators have a legal duty to maintain their rooms in insect-free, sanitary conditions. When bed bugs infest a hotel room, they can quickly spread to other rooms, causing widespread infestations.

People who rent rooms in Glen Burnie or Severn that are infested with bed bugs might not realize that there are any problems until they awaken during the night feeling like something is crawling on them or get up in the morning to discover bed bug bites. Hotel operators must inspect their rooms and ensure that they do not have bed bugs. If they are discovered, the operators must treat the affected rooms and avoid renting them to guests. Like apartment infestations, hotel rooms that are infested with bed bugs can form the basis for bed bug bite claims.

What do bed bugs look like?

Many people do not see bed bugs because they tend to hide and are nocturnal. However, these bugs are tiny insects that are approximately the size and shape of apple seeds, and they are reddish-brown. The bugs’ bodies may appear flat or rounded, depending on whether they have recently fed. Bed bugs live on blood like ticks or mosquitoes.

Where are bed bugs found?

Bed bugs come out at night when people are sleeping. You can sometimes find them by shining a flashlight and looking between the seams of upholstered furniture and mattresses. They also can hide in cracks or joints between the wood on the bed frames or nightstands, and they sometimes can be found hiding inside of electrical outlets and behind wallpaper.

What to do if you have bed bugs in Glen Burnie?

If you are renting an apartment or are staying in a Glen Burnie hotel room and you discover bed bugs, you should immediately report them, and you should contact the Anne Arundel County Department of Health. You will want to stay somewhere else until everything has been treated. You may need to throw away your furniture and dry clean everything else. You should then contact the attorneys at Whitney LLP to learn about your options.

Glen Burnie, MD Bed Bug Lawyer for Claims and Lawsuits

No one should be forced to deal with harm from a landlord’s or hotel owner’s negligence. If your Glen Burnie apartment or hotel room was infested with bed bugs, you may be able to recover compensation to pay for your economic and property losses and the emotional trauma that you have suffered. Schedule a free consultation with the attorneys at Whitney LLP by using our online form or by calling us at (410) 583-8000. We do not charge our clients any out-of-pocket expenses or fees.

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