Home Inspection Failure Involving Maryland Pest and Termite Inspection

As a homeowner, you expect the inspector you hired from your pest control company to do a thorough job that matches the promises stated on your contract. After all, the inspector is a licensed and certified professional with specialized training, which is why you hired them in the first place. Unfortunately – as all too many Maryland homeowners have learned the hard way – termite inspectors do not always succeed in detecting infestations, even in cases where the infestation has already grown severe and has been present for years. If an inspector from a pest management company failed to detect a termite infestation in your home, you should contact the Maryland termite damage lawyers of Whitney, LLP for a free legal consultation, because you may be entitled to financial compensation.

What if an Inspector from a Pest Control Company Misses Termites in My Home?

It’s a scenario that thousands of Maryland homeowners have found themselves in at one time or another. Upon moving into a new home, or after coming to suspect the signs of infestation in the home they have always lived in, the homeowner contacts a local or national pest control company, such as PestNow, Terminix or Orkin to inspect the property for the presence of termites. A licensed pest control professional, often from a company recommended by the realtor, shows up and performs an inspection. But then, one of two things goes wrong:

  • The inspector fails to detect the presence of termites or past termite damage and leads the homeowner to believe there is nothing to worry about – until, that is, he or she begins to discover warning signs of a severe termite infestation.
  • The inspector successfully detects the termite infestation, and tells the homeowner that extermination is the next step. Unfortunately, the termite treatment process is unsuccessful, allowing the colony to thrive and spread further damage.

There could be two explanations for either scenario:

  1. The pest inspection company was negligent, which means the termite inspector made a careless, avoidable error.
  1. The pest inspection company deliberately engaged in fraud in order to reduce its expenses and maximize its profits.

Suing a Pest Control Company for Negligence or Fraud

If a homeowner suffered property damage because a pest control company was negligent, or because he or she was defrauded by the pest inspection company, financial compensation may be available. Compensation may be available not only for losses the homeowner has already sustained, but also the anticipated expenses that are expected to arise out of the damage resulting from the untreated or undetected termite infestation. But how does a homeowner obtain compensation for termite-related property damage?

The first step is to file a legal document known as a Complaint to which the defendant – in this context, the pest control company – will have the opportunity to respond with an answer. Depending on factors like the extent of the damage, the nature of the claimant’s complaint, and the amount of compensation the claimant is seeking, the pest control company may be willing to extend a settlement offer. In fact, it is fairly uncommon for civil lawsuits to reach the trial stage, with the majority being settled out of court beforehand.

However, termite damage victims are strongly advised against accepting the first settlement offer, which is frequently inadequate when compared to the actual costs of home repair and property replacement. If you sustained property damage due to negligent termite inspection or treatment, it is a good idea to hire a termite damage attorney who is familiar with the pertinent laws and industry standards. Critically, your termite damage claim attorney will also understand how to frame your demands and supporting evidence in the most compelling and effective way, with the end goal of attaining maximum compensation for your termite related damages.

Contact Our Maryland Termite Property Damage Lawyers

The Maryland termite damage attorneys of Whitney, LLP represent numerous clients against negligent pest control companies and pest inspection companies that engage in negligent and sometimes fraudulent business practices. We are well versed in Maryland’s consumer protection laws, real estate termite disclosure requirements and regulations within the pest control industry, allowing us to these unique and highly specific cases.

We know that legal fees often present a concern for clients who are already experiencing financial hardship due to extensive property damage. That is why we work on a contingent fee basis, meaning we will not charge you any legal fees unless we recover compensation for you. Additionally, initial consultations are always no-obligation and free of charge. To discuss your Maryland termite lawsuit with an experienced termite damage attorney, contact Whitney, LLP at (410) 583-8000 or use the Quick Contact Form. We handle termite claims in Baltimore and throughout Maryland, as well as in other states based on the facts of each case.

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