Hotel Pays $165,000 in Bed Bug Lawsuit Settlement

A well-known Maryland resort paid $165,000 in a bed bug lawsuit settlement for bed bug attacks inflicted on two guests who within weeks had checked into the same infested room on two separate occasions. These clients of Whitney, LLP came to the firm for representation, one after another, following being attacked by bed bugs in the same room that had not been properly treated and kept out of service until all bed bugs, nymphs and eggs had been exterminated.

Bed Bug Lawsuit Settlement in Maryland

Whitney, LLP has represented hundreds of victims of bed bug infestations in Maryland.  Whether a guests stays at a one-star or five-star hotel, the guest is entitled to a clean room free of infestation.  In fact, Maryland law requires hotels to exterminate any infestation prior to renting a room; and a clean, infestation-free room is every guest’s baseline expectation.  However, many hotels do not follow proper procedures after a bed bug infestation is detected, and instead keep placing guests in unsafe rooms.

When a hotel or resort places a guest in an infested room, guests can suffer bites, emotional distress, property damage, and other losses.  Depending on the facts of the situation, a negligent hotel can be held responsible for these damages.

Whitney, LLP’s bed bug attorneys have extensive experience holding hotels responsible for bed bug infestations.  We have successfully recovered bed bug settlements in bed bug claims across Maryland, including in and around Baltimore, Columbia, Germantown, Silver Spring, Waldorf, Ocean City and Cumberland.

Some of our bed bug settlements and lawsuits are discussed on our bed bug blog and in the news. Our YouTube channel also discuss bed bug legal issues and our settlements.

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The First Guest Was Attacked

The large number of bed bug bites inflicted on the first guest indicated the pre-existing presence of a major infestation. Her face, arms and legs were covered in extremely itchy, painful and unsightly skin lesions, leaving her feeling disgusting looking prior to a major social gathering.

When a hotel guest is severely bitten, we often find through the hotel’s records that prior guest reports of bed bugs were either ignored or improperly treated.

The Second Guest Was Attacked

Rather than place the room out of order until the infestation was exterminated, the hotel, in a greedy search for rental income, rented the room several weeks later to another unsuspecting guest who sustained dozens of itchy welts from the bed bugs that survived the initial partial treatment.

By coincidence, this guest performed a Google search, found Whitney, LLP, contacted us for representation, and we were able to provide her with the relevant history of the infestation which made her case more valuable for settlement purposes.

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Bed Bug Lawsuit Was Filed and then Settled for $165,000

Suit was filed and the usual information was obtained from the hotel including housekeeping records, guest complaints and pest control records. We learned that, to save money, the hotel actually ignored its own pest control company’s recommended multi-stage treatment protocol.

If the hotel’s housekeepers had performed thorough bed bug inspections on room turnover cleaning, as per the standard of care, our clients could have been spared the misery inflicted by bed bugs; and if the hotel cared about guest safety and adherence to law, the hotel could have spent several hundred dollars in pest control services rather than six figures on a bed bug settlement.

Prior to trial the case settled for $165,000. Of course, every case is different, and past results are not a guarantee of future results.

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Daniel W. Whitney, Jr. and Daniel W. Whitney, Sr.

Bed Bug Lawsuit Settlement Lawyers – Whitney, LLP

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“When others did not want to take my case Whitney, LLP was willing. Dan was very very patient with me and his communication was always on point no matter how he reached out. He helped me and my family start our lives all over, I thank him so much.”

– Client

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“I would definitely recommend this firm. I contacted them just to get some insight and I was informed that I indeed had a case, and they won! Any questions or concerns I had were answered and explained clearly. They were very kind and informative throughout the whole process. I am very grateful that I stumbled across their page, it has changed my life. Thank you.”

– Client

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