How Can I Keep My Home Termite-Free?

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Learning how to prevent a termite infestation is important for every homeowner. When you take prevention steps, you can avoid expensive damage to your home. Many people do not think they need to worry about termites, but termite infestations can happen to anyone. Here is how you can keep your Maryland home termite-free.

Legal Representation Can Help in Maryland Termite Cases

At Whitney, LLP, we help homeowners fight for the compensation they deserve from careless and fraudulent termite home inspection companies. If you have been harmed by a termite damage contractor, then contact us for representation. We offer free consultations, and you will not have to bear any out-of-pocket expenses or costs.

In 2019, we recovered a termite damage verdict of $1,068,750 in Maryland after filing a suit against a termite inspection company that was found to be negligent and fraudulent. We have filed lawsuits against house flippers, real estate agents, negligent pest control companies and even dishonest sellers, recovering termite damage repair costs, compensation for emotional distress and termite treatment expenses. WBAL investigative reporter, Barry Simms, in Baltimore, featured one of our client’s cases on a television report. For more details about the case, read the article.

Take Prevention Steps Before Building in Maryland

If you are in the building stages, take prevention steps ahead of time. For instance, consider using a Basaltic Termite Barrier, which is formed using rock particles. These are packed tightly under a home to prevent termites from reaching it. Termite mesh is another option, and it consists of a stainless-steel screen that blocks termites. The mesh is best for difficult areas like cold joints within concrete. Foundations made from poured concrete are the hardest for termites to make their way through but only if the concrete does not develop any cracks. If you have a foundation formed from brick and block, then it may develop cracks with age. This means that protecting the foundation requires a cap of solid concrete that is at least 4 inches thick.

Preventing Termite Infestations in Existing Maryland Homes

Additionally, there are several ways to prevent termite infestations in existing Maryland homes. The first is to decrease any soil-to-wood contact surrounding your home. Get rid of wood plants, lumber, mulch, cardboard or paper that is near your foundation. Form a 4-inch obstruction between your home and landscaping mulch. If possible, only the concrete foundation should touch the soil, with the home’s siding a minimum of 6 inches above the soil.

Check your storm drains to make sure that they are draining several feet from your Maryland home’s foundation. That way, you can prevent the soil directly beneath your home from becoming too moist. Repair leaky faucets and remove any other sources of excess moisture. It is important to avoid creating moist areas as they tend to attract termites.

Maryland Termite Lawyer for Claims and Lawsuits

If your home has sustained termite damage, and you are facing termite damage contractor repair costs, as a result of the carelessness of another party, then contact us at Whitney, LLP. We have experience filing lawsuits against companies that offer pest control services as well as inspectors, property owners, builders and other parties whose negligence has contributed to termite damage.

The termite lawyers at Whitney, LLP can help determine who is liable and will help you fight for compensation. To request a free consultation with no out-of-pocket costs or expenses, call us at (410) 583-8000 or use our Online Quick Contact Form.

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