How Can You Tell if Your Hotel Room has Bed Bugs?

Whether you are traveling for vacation or business, the last thing you want to discover in your hotel bed are signs of bed bugs. Unfortunately, due to the ease at which bed bugs can travel, even the fanciest of hotels can have an infestation. However, this should not be used as an excuse to force customers to accept poor hospitality from a hotel. If you or a family member discovered bed bugs in a hotel room, you should consult with an experienced Baltimore hotel infestation lawyer today. At Whitney, LLP, our injury lawyers are dedicated to providing you with the unique legal representation necessary to handle your legal claim. Whitney, LLP is here to explain common methods for discovering bed bugs in your hotel room.

How to Find Bed Bugs in Your Hotel

The first action you should take before you search your room for bed bugs is to place your luggage in an area that is less likely to be infested with bed bugs. For example, if your hotel has a luggage rack in the closet, this is a good spot to place your bags to avoid having bed bugs hide within your clothes. If you do not have a luggage rack, the bathtub is also a secure space to place your luggage while you search the room.

The first place you should look for bed bugs is between your hotel bed sheets. You should use a flashlight and gloves or a credit card to avoid being bit or to avoid carrying a bed bug on your clothing. Bed bugs love to hide in dark and tight crevices typically around the seams and corners of the bed. You should be looking for tiny bugs or dark blood spots on the sheets. Be sure to peel back each layer and fold of your sheets and to check the beneath the mattress.

Another popular place that bed bugs like to hide is the headboard of a bed. Many hotels will have headboards that are exceptionally large which gives bed bugs a lot of room to hide. Try shining your flashlight along the edges of the headboard and behind the headboard if you can safely move it.

The next place you should search for a bed bug infestation is the other furniture in the room, especially if the furniture is upholstered. Once again, be sure to check all the corners of the furniture because bed bugs will attempt to hide from the light.

The last place you should inspect for bed bugs is the hotel curtains. Both sides of the curtain should be checked, and you should lay the curtain as flat as possible to avoid missing anything.

If you do not discover bed bugs in any of these hiding places, your room is likely infestation-free. However, that does not mean you should take any chances. Keep your luggage away from the floors and the bed. Additionally, once you return home, you should place your clothes in the dryer to eliminate any bed bugs that may hitch a ride on your luggage.

To learn more about how to locate bed bugs in your hotel, you should speak with an experienced Maryland bed bug injury lawyer.

What to Do If You Discover Bed Bugs in Your Hotel

If you discover bed bugs in your hotel, you should document your findings. Take pictures of where you found the bed bugs and any bites caused by the bed bugs. Once you have evidence of the bed bugs, you should notify the front desk of the issue. Request that the hotel files an incident report and request a copy of the report.

You should also contact the local health department to inform them of the issue at the hotel. If one hotel room is infested with bed bugs, it is highly likely that other rooms within the hotel are infested as well.

It is also important to seek medical attention for your injuries. Some bed bug bites can last for weeks or months and can be difficult to treat. Be sure to inform the medical staff how you received your injuries so they can help you document your claim.

Our Maryland Bed Bug Litigation Attorneys are Prepared to Represent You

If you or a family member suffered bed bug bites at a hotel, you should contact an experienced bed bug litigation attorney. At Whitney, LLP, our injury lawyers have extensive experience handling a variety of bed bug cases, and we will help you hold a negligent hotel accountable for their actions. A bite from a bed bug can have various adverse effects on your skin and your body. To schedule a consultation to discuss your claim, call Whitney, LLP at (410) 583-8000, or contact us online.


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