How Do I Find Out if My Hotel Rooms has Bed Bugs?

October 13, 2014 – Recently, Business Insider published a great article on the exact subject:  See the article here.

What we also recommend is simply to ask: Ask the front desk employee at check-in whether the room has had any reports of bed bugs within the last year. Often times this question is met with a general statement by the employee that does not answer the question about the room. We recommend requiring that the employee answer the question before accepting the room assignment. To be even more careful, we recommend asking the same question regarding the rooms above, below, and on each side of your room.  Although you may not always get an honest answer, if you are deceived and you end up being bitten, your potential bed bug case may have a punitive component. 

If the worst happens and you are bitten by bed bugs, we recommend documenting everything.  We recommend you take the following steps:

  1. Take pictures of your bed bug bites.
  2. Take pictures of the bed bugs in the hotel room.  If possible, trap a bed bug in a bag.
  3. Immediately notify the front desk and request an Incident Report. 
  4. Seek medical treatment to ensure your bed bug bites are properly treated.
  5. Call for a free consultation at 410-583-8000, or email using our quick contact form.

Just like any other legal case, the strongest bed bug cases are usually the ones with the best evidence.  

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