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Whitney, LLP’s auto fraud consumer lawyers represent victims of auto sales fraud against new and used car dealers throughout Maryland. There are a variety of types of car fraud that our attorneys handle, and one of our recent blog posts provides five examples of fraud that our clients have faced: 5 Actual Auto Fraud Cases Handled by Whitney, LLP in 2016 and 2017

Auto Fraud Lawyers for New Car Purchases

New car auto fraud cases typically deal with whether the car is actually new or not, meaning has it been sold already, and returned, by a prior owner.  The issue of damage to a new car arises more often than someone might think, and we have handled new car auto fraud cases for consumers involving economy cars and luxury cars.  As to prior damage to new cars, such as lot damage, there are laws about exactly what damage must be disclosed on a new car.  While there is a threshold in Maryland about the damage dollar amount that must be disclosed, it is obvious that any consumer buying a new would find any prior damage, and subsequent repair, to be important to them before agreeing on a prior for the car.  

Other new car auto fraud schemes include finance managers deceiving buyers about the length of the warranty that comes with the new car, or not giving new car buyers the special dealer financing rates that new car purchasers qualify for.  A finance manager can make more money by selling an extended warranty to a consumer when they lie about the length and coverage of a new car warranty, and scare the consumer into thinking that they need an extended warranty, even though new car warranty coverage is extensive. As ridiculous as it sounds that a finance manager would lie to a new car buyer about what the new car warranty includes, warranty deception auto fraud cases happen and our warranty auto fraud lawyers have represented clients who have been tricked involving the coverage on a new car warranty.

New car financing auto fraud occurs when a new car manufacturer offers a special low financing rate to new car purchasers, but the consumers are never offered the special rate. Whitney, LLP’s new car financing auto fraud lawyers have represented clients who qualified for the special new car financing rates, but the dealership did not offer them the special new car financing and instead ran their credit with other auto finance companies in order to be able to charge the new car buyer a higher interest rate and make money by doing so.

Odometer Rollback Fraud Attorney

Odometer rollback auto fraud is a particularly devious scheme that only the most car dealers engage in. Because there is no way that an odometer can be tampered with and rolled back other than through intentional actions, odometer fraud cases lend themselves to punitive damage, which can result in significant compensation for the cheated consumer.  The mileage on a vehicle is one of the largest components of what the vehicle is worth, and dishonest car dealers have no problem with tampering with the mileage to make a few more dollars.  Whitney, LLP has experience representing victims of odometer rollback fraud and knows how to get to the bottom of the story and find out exactly who is responsible for the deceitful actions.  

Auto Fraud Lawyers for Used Car Purchases

Used car auto fraud schemes that Whitney, LLP’s lawyers have handled often include some sort of damage to the vehicle that is not disclosed to the buyer as well as odometer rollback fraud.  Maryland auto damage fraud claims against used car dealers are often based on a car dealer salesperson misrepresenting whether a vehicle has ever been in an accident when they are asked that question by a customer.  When a salesperson says that the vehicle has never been in an accident, but they know that it has been, and the buyer relies on that statement by the salesperson and buys the vehicle, there is a strong case to be made for auto fraud.

Used car dealers will also purchase damaged or salvaged cars at an auction at a large discount, perform cosmetic repairs, perform odometer rollbacks, and then sell the car as being in a normal, used condition to an unsuspecting customer.  Whitney, LLP’s auto fraud attorneys have represented clients who purchased what seemed to be a good used car, only to eventually find out that the used car dealer failed to disclose that the car had frame damage and had been in a bad accident.  When a used car dealer fails to disclose serious prior damage, they put the buyer and the other occupants of the car in danger because a car that has been subject to serious damage is not structurally sound and will not provide the same amount of safety in a collision as it should.

Wrong Carfax and AutoCheck Damage Disclosure Lawyers

Used car dealers love to show a used car buyer a CarFax or AutoCheck report to claim there are no accidents in a vehicle’s history.  What they know, but do not tell the buyer, is that Carfax and AutoCheck do not have all prior accidents and problems reported.  In fact, we have had a case where a car dealer has shown a potential buyer of a used car a clean Carfax as evidence of no accidents, when their own repair facility actually repaired the same car and failed to properly report the repair to Carfax.  Due to the many loopholes and reporting shortfalls, both car reporting services are tools that are given a much higher value than they really deserve.

Whitney, LLP’s Carfax and AutoCheck damage disclosure lawyers are familiar with cases where reports with the wrong VIN number has been provided to the potential buyer in order to make the vehicle history appear accident free. When it comes to Carfax and AutoCheck, the devil is truly in the details, as well as sometimes in the salesperson right in front of you. In order to ensure you know what you are buying, it is always best to have the car you want to buy inspected by an independent mechanic before you purchase it.

What To Do When Car Damage and Accidents Are Not Disclosed

Car buyers who find out that their vehicle was in an accident or sustained damage after they make their purchase should call Whitney, LLP and get a legal consultation from our experienced auto fraud damage disclosure consumer lawyers.  Consumers should also be aware that in Maryland, the MVA has a simple process to file a complaint against the car dealer who sold the car. Deciding whether or not, and when to file an MVA complaint, can be a strategic move that the consumer attorneys at Whitney, LLP can help make as part of case negotiations.

Auto Fraud Consumer Lawyers for Used and New Car Disclosure Fraud

Whitney, LLP’s auto fraud attorneys provide representation to victims of auto fraud throughout Maryland, including Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia, Germantown, Silver Spring, Waldorf, Upper Marlboro, Frederick, Glen Burnie, Ellicott City, Gaithersburg, Rockville, Dundalk, Bethesda, Bowie, Towson and Bel Air. 

We offer legal consultations.  Call Us Now at 410 583 8000, or use our Quick Contact Form, for your Legal Consultation. 



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