If My Homeowners Insurance Doesn’t Cover Termites, is it Worthwhile to Purchase a Termite Bond?

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Termites cause serious damage to many Maryland homes, especially when the original property owners failed to properly treat the structure or exterminate the insects. In many cases, IMG 5785 1024x768 - If My Homeowners Insurance Doesn't Cover Termites, is it Worthwhile to Purchase a Termite Bond?homeowners can prevent severe damage by keeping up with maintenance and preventative treatment. However, when buying a home, it can be difficult to fully determine whether termites are present despite the responsibility of realtors, inspectors, and sellers to disclose an infestation. Homeowners’ insurance policies typically are not intended to cover damage that occurs as a result of a failure to keep up with regular maintenance, so termite damage is a common exclusion. In some cases, you may be able to buy a rider for termite coverage. A termite bond is a supplemental agreement with a pest control company to cover termite damage costs. Buying one is a good idea, but once the damage is found, especially serious and extensive damage, the bond company may try not to pay. Whitney, LLP can help in that situation.

Pursuing Legal Claims for Maryland Termite Damage

In many cases, homeowners find themselves facing thousands of dollars in termite damage repair costs due to negligent sellers, realtors, termite damage contractors or pest control companies. If you do not have homeowners’ insurance coverage for termite damage, you can still seek to hold these parties financially responsible for the losses caused by their carelessness. At Whitney, LLP, our experienced attorneys have obtained substantial verdicts and settlements for Maryland homeowners harmed by termites. In one case, our client received a verdict of $1,068,000 for the damages caused after a negligent inspection company failed to discover and disclose the presence of termites. You will pay no out-of-pocket fees or expenses for us to seek compensation, and you can start by requesting a free consultation.

Our termite lawyers have obtained sizable settlements and verdicts after suing real estate agents, deceptive sellers, home flippers and careless pest control companies that are responsible for destructive termite infestations. WBAL’s Barry Simms reported on our clients, a couple facing substantial termite damage expenses after a real estate agent told them a termite inspection had been performed when it was actually not done. When you have been misled and feel stuck with termite damage repair costs, we can help you fight back against all of the responsible parties.

Termite Bonds and Homeowners’ Insurance in Maryland

A termite bond can be purchased separately from your homeowners’ insurance policy, and this is usually an agreement with a pest control company. While negligent termite companies have been at fault for some Maryland infestations, a termite bond may make them more likely to live up to their obligations. You are not just purchasing a service contract but coverage for damage caused as a result of an infestation. The agreement will typically include regular inspections and preventative treatment that can help ensure that your home never experiences an infestation or the severe structural damage that may follow. If you do sustain damages, the termite bond should cover the cost of hiring a termite damage contractor to perform necessary repairs.

It is important to always stay alert for potential signs of a termite infestation even if you have a termite bond or an insurance policy rider. Swollen ceilings or floors, termite swarms, tunnels near your foundation and unpleasant odors may all be signs of active termites in your home.

Maryland Termite Lawyer for Damage Claims

You should not have to pay thousands of dollars due to the carelessness of a negligent pest company, realtor or home seller. If you have been left with substantial damage caused by termites, contact the Maryland termite attorneys at Whitney, LLP. We can find out who is to blame for your losses and work aggressively to pursue the compensation that you deserve, all with no out-of-pocket expenses or fees. Request your free consultation by using our online contact form or by calling Whitney, LLP at (410) 583-8000.

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