New Lawsuit Filed For $895 PDI Car Dealership Fee

An $895 PDI car dealership fee resulted in a Maryland used car dealer being sued for allegations of charging illegal car dealer fees. Our client contacted Whitney, LLP after a bad experience with her used car purchase. While reviewing the Buyer’s Order, a Whitney, LLP lawyer for illegal dealer fees discovered that the dealer had charged an $895 PDI car dealer fee (“Pre-Delivery Inspection”). The problem with the dealer charging that fee is that Maryland law does not allow licensed car dealers to charge a PDI fee of any amount.

As discussed below, Maryland dealers are very limited in the fees they are allowed to charge.

When Maryland car dealers charge illegal dealer fees, consumers can fight back and recover the amounts they were cheated out of.

If you are searching for a lawyer for illegal dealer fees near me, Whitney, LLP has experience suing car dealers. We represent consumers and can help recover compensation for illegal fees, illegal price increases, and other dishonest actions by dealers.

We represent clients in claim against car dealers across Maryland, including in Baltimore, Columbia, Germantown, Silver Spring, Waldorf, Glen Burnie, Ellicott City, Frederick, Dundalk, Rockville

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$895 PDI Car Dealership Fee Charged by Dealer

The Alleged Illegal Fee: Our client, residents of Virginia, visited a Maryland used car dealer in search of a reliable vehicle. They found a 2018 Land Rover Discovery advertised online at a price of $36,995. However, in addition to the advertised price, the dealer charged them the following fees:

  • $895 PDI Fee
  • $499 Dealer Processing Charge
  • Sales tax of $1,593.14
  • $52.75 registration fee
  • $10 title fee

Maryland law limits dealers in the types and amounts of fees they are allowed to charge consumers. If Maryland law does not allow dealers to charge a fee, they are not allowed to charge it. Nonetheless, some dealers charge fees that are not allowed under Maryland law.

Maryland Law Limits Dealer Fees that Consumers Can be Charged

Maryland law allows dealers to charge only a limited categories of fees on top of the advertised price. These acceptable fees are:

  1. Taxes;
  2. Title and Registration Fees;
  3. Freight charge, if properly disclosed; and
  4. Dealer processing charge of no more than $500, as long as it is properly disclosed.

Why the $895 PDI Car Dealership Fee is Illegal in Maryland

The lawsuit asserts that the $895 PDI Car Dealership Fee does not fall into any of the permissible categories, such as tax, title fee, freight charge, or dealer processing charge. Therefore, it is an illegal fee under Maryland law.

Maryland Vehicle Advertising Laws

Maryland law specifically addressed requirements for vehicle advertising under Md. Code Ann., Transportion Section 15-313, which licensed dealers, both new and used, must comply with. These requirements include:

  • (a) Deceptive advertising: Dealers or their agents may not use any advertisement that is in any way false, deceptive, or misleading.
  • (b) Advertising vehicles without intent to sell as advertised: Dealers may not advertise or offer any vehicle to the public without the intent to sell it as advertised.
  • (c) Statement of purchase price: Dealers must state the full delivered purchase price of a vehicle in an advertisement, excluding only taxes, title fees, and any freight or dealer processing charge disclosed in accordance with § 15-311.1 of this subtitle. The full delivered purchase price must be printed in the largest font used in the advertisement related to the price of the vehicle.

Maryland’s Consumer Protection Act

Maryland’s Consumer Protection Act protects consumers and specifically prohibits deceptive advertising.

Specifically, Maryland Code Ann., Commercial Law Section 13-301(5) states that advertising consumer goods without the intent to sell at the advertised price is a prohibited, unfair, abusive, and deceptive trade practice.

When a car dealer charges illegal fees, including but not limited to a PDI car dealership fee, that cause the price of the car to increase, the consumer may bring claims against the dealer for violation of the Consumer Protection Act. Whitney, LLP’s lawyers for illegal dealer fees have experience suing car dealers and recovering compensation for violations of the Consumer Protection Act.

Read Whitney, LLP’s blog on the Consumer Protection Act for more information.

Examples of Illegal Car Dealer Fees in Maryland

Per Maryland law, the following fees may not be added onto the advertised price of a new or used vehicle in Maryland:

  1. PDI car dealership fee;
  2. Inspection fee;
  3. Maryland State Inspection fee;
  4. Certified fee;
  5. CPO (“Certified Pre-Owned”) ;
  6. Reconditioning Fee;
  7. Transportation fee on used cars; and
  8. Freight – some dealers double-charge freight fees, which is illegal.
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Daniel W. Whitney, Jr. and Daniel W. Whitney, Sr.

Lawyer for Illegal Dealer Fees Near Me – Whitney, LLP

When you need a lawyer for illegal dealer fees, call Whitney, LLP.

Whitney, LLP’s lawyers for car dealer problems have successfully filed lawsuits against, and recovered compensation from, the majority of the new car dealer groups in Maryland and from many of Maryland’s used car dealers.

If you’ve experienced similar car dealer problems with illegal fees or deceptive practices by car dealers, Whitney, LLP is here to help you navigate the legal process and seek compensation.

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