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Severn is a suburban community in Maryland. Many people have moved to the area so they can easily commute to nearby cities for work. In Severn and neighboring communities like Odenton, Millersville, Ferndale and Jessup, a sizable portion of the population are renters. Most of them have a good relationship with their landlords. Unfortunately, there are times when a landlord evicts a tenant illegally. If you were wrongfully evicted, the landlord-tenant lawyers at Whitney, LLP can help.



Tenants have legal rights and can sue to recover compensation when a landlord:

  • Illegally evicts without a court order;
  • Performs a self-help eviction;
  • Locks their tenant out or changes the locks;
  • Turns off utilities including gas, electric or hot water.

The legal team at Whitney, LLP has the experience to provide help for illegal evictions and can help you fight back and recover compensation. You have important tenant legal rights for wrongful eviction.  If you are looking for a wrongful eviction attorney near me, Whitney, LLP is available for a Free Consultation for illegal evictions.

Here are reviews from some of our past clients, and here is a link to an article The Baltimore Sun published on an illegal eviction lawsuit our attorneys recently filed. Whitney, LLP’s wrongful eviction lawyers offer Free Consultations, and our eviction clients pay no out of pocket costs or expenses. Call 410 583 8000, or use our Quick Contact Form, for help with your illegal eviction claims.

Eviction Laws in Severn, MD

In areas like Severn, Odenton, Millersville, Ferndale and Jessup, the state legislature wants to avoid putting people out on the street without due process. For this reason, there are laws that landlords must follow when seeking to evict a tenant.

One of the most important things for tenants to understand is that landlords cannot evict them on their own, change locks, or turn of utilities to force tenants out. They need to obtain a court order to carry out the process. Furthermore, a law enforcement officer must oversee the eviction. If you were evicted and never received notice of a court date where you could argue your case, you may have been the victim of an illegal eviction. It is time to look for an illegal eviction lawyer near me. Whitney, LLP’s attorney’s can help tenants in wrongful evictions.

Can a Tenant Sue for a Wrongful Eviction in Severn, MD?

Yes, tenants can sue for illegal and wrongful evictions, and recover compensation.  An eviction is a traumatic experience. You must deal with the stress of trying to find a new home for you and your loved ones. If the process was carried out illegally, it is even worse, and you have the right to seek compensation for the losses that you have incurred.

Can a tenant sue for a wrongful eviction? Absolutely. However, it helps to work with a legal team that has a track record of success. The experienced attorneys at Whitney, LLP help tenants in landlord-tenant matters.

Severn, MD, Tenant Legal Rights for Eviction

When a landlord says you must leave the building, or removes you and your property by force, it is important to understand your rights as a tenant. The most common reason for eviction in Maryland is the failure to pay rent. The court recognizes the financial hardship that this can cause a landlord. However, if the tenant pays the back rent, the legal process usually stops.

Whatever the reason for the eviction, a tenant is due their day in court. The landlord starts the process with a filing, and the court sends a date for the tenant to appear. The tenant has the right to argue that the eviction is happening for unjust reasons and can provide a defense. If the eviction moves forward, a court order will be issued.

You cannot be evicted without a court order. If a landlord forced you out, you can seek damages for a wrongful eviction.

Recovering Compensation for a Wrongful Eviction

During an illegal eviction, a landlord can hurt a tenant in several ways. Economic loss from findings short term housing is common. There can be damage to personal property, including irreplaceable items of sentimental value. Families could suffer mental anguish due to the stress of the process. Thankfully, there are several avenues when seeking damages for these types of evictions.

The legal team at Whitney, LLP can develop a strategy that works for your situation. They will listen to your story and check the facts. Our experienced attorneys provide help for tenants who have been harmed by wrongful evictions.

Severn, MD, Illegal Eviction Lawyer Near Me

The stress of being removed from your apartment or home illegally is not something that you need to deal with alone. At Whitney, LLP, we are ready to provide a free consultation to help you after a wrongful eviction. If we are able to take your case, you will not be charged with any out-of-pocket fees or expenses. Request your free consultation today by contacting us online or by calling us at (410) 583-8000.

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