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owings mills evictions  300x185 - Illegal Eviction Lawyer for Chillum, MDChillum is a community located between Hyattsville and Langley Park in Maryland’s Prince George’s County. The area is home to numerous shopping centers, strip malls and a bustling commercial district. Chillum has one of the highest percentages of rental units of any city in Maryland, with nearly 60% of the homes rented.

Landlords in Chillum, Adelphi and Takoma Park are subject to the laws of Maryland and the terms of their rental agreements. This restricts their abilities to evict tenants.

Landlords cannot use self-help to evict tenants, and cannot change locks, do lock-outs, or turn off utilities, including gas, electric, or hot water, due to late rent or a tenant staying past the end date of the lease.

If your legal rights for evictions have been violated, the attorneys at Whitney LLP have experience fighting back against bad landlords and recovering financial compensation.

Here are reviews from some of our past clients, and here is a link to an article The Baltimore Sun published on an illegal eviction lawsuit our attorneys recently filed. Whitney, LLP’s wrongful eviction lawyers offer Free Consultations, and our eviction clients pay no out of pocket costs or expenses. Call 410 583 8000, or use our Quick Contact Form, for help with your illegal eviction claims.

Know the Eviction Laws in Chillum, MD

Maryland laws are very strict when it comes to your tenant legal rights for eviction. The biggest prohibition is that the landlord cannot act on its own without the involvement of the court, and must have a court order to evict you.

Included in this would be any attempts to bully or intimidate you to get you to leave your home, including turning off utilities to force you to leave. Landlords must go through a legal process, and you must be given due process before any eviction order is carried out by the sheriff.

If your landlord engaged in “self-help” measures to kick you out, consider getting your own help for the wrongful eviction.

Can a Tenant Sue for a Wrongful Eviction in Chillum, MD?

Yes. Unless you can stop the process in court, the law generally does not allow you to reverse the eviction after it happened. Instead, your remedy is to file a lawsuit for an illegal or wrongful eviction.

The best way to start your lawsuit for an illegal eviction is to make your first call to an attorney that represents tenants in illegal and wrongful eviction cases.

If you search for and find an illegal eviction lawyer near me, the attorney will take the time to learn the facts of your case and advise you whether they think that you can receive damages.

Your lawyer will file the complaint in your case, telling the court what happened and how the landlord violated eviction laws. This is just the start of the legal process, and some cases go through discovery and a full hearing in court.

Compensation for a Wrongful Eviction in Chillum, MD

When you win an illegal eviction lawsuit or settle a case, the Chillum, Langley Park or Takoma Park landlord would need to pay you compensation for your damages.

The compensation may includes the economic damages that you suffered. These are actual costs incurred because of the eviction. You may also be able to recover compensation for emotional suffering for dealing with an unfair eviction.

It is humiliating and upsetting when a landlord treats you like a common criminal to be tossed out into the street.

Wrongful Eviction Attorney Near Me Serving Chillum, MD

The first question you will ask your attorney is, “can a tenant sue for a wrongful eviction?” Once legal counsel explains the legal process, you can begin the process of making sure that your landlord answers for breaking the lawyou’re your tenant legal rights for eviction.

Call the illegal eviction attorneys at Whitney, LLP today at (410) 583-8000, or contact us online to request your free initial consultation. We charge no out-of-pocket costs or expenses to victims of unlawful evictions.

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