Insurance Claims for Bed Bugs? Of Course.

All hotels are required to carry liability insurance.  We have never had a case where the hotel’s insurance policy does not cover injuries arising from bed bugs.

However, many people do not realize that injuries caused by bed bugs are actionable. Fortunately, awareness of legal action for injuries caused by bed bugs is spreading, and more attorneys are handling bed bug cases.

Unfortunately, I have spoken with several clients who were told by hotel managers that “insurance does not cover bed bug claims” and “we don’t have insurance for that.” Not only are these statements false, they demonstrate a mindset that bed bugs in a hotel are not a serious problem.  As a result, innocent guests suffer. What often happens in hotels such as these is that eventually, a guest will get seriously bitten and injured, hire experienced bed bug litigation attorneys such as Whitney, LLP and the inadequacy of the hotel’s bed bug program finally comes to light. It is unfortunate that it often takes an almost catastrophic event involving hundreds of bed bug bites on an unsuspecting guest for a hotel to take bed bugs seriously.

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