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Many people choose to live in Langley Park, Maryland so that they can enjoy a suburban lifestyle. Located in Prince George’s County, it is nearby such communities as Adelphi, Takoma Park, and Lewisdale, and it has a population of nearly 20,000 people, many of whom live in rented apartments. Visitors to this unincorporated area enjoy such nearby attractions as Sligo Creek and Bladensburg Waterfront Park. Unfortunately, despite the community’s beauty and amenities, many apartments and hotels in Langley Park are infested by bed bugs. Landlords throughout the area, including Silver Spring, Adelphi, and College Park, are required by state law to only rent out apartments that are free from bed bugs, and the same applies to hotel operators as well. Learning that bed bugs have invaded your apartment or hotel room can result in an expensive and mentally stressful battle. You might require medical treatment, and you will likely need to throw away some personal possessions.

A bed bug bite claims lawyer can assemble evidence that shows who was at fault for your suffering and costly inconvenience. We have helped bed bug victims hold negligent landlords or hotel operators financially responsible for failing to adhere to their legal responsibilities. Whitney, LLP has recovered over $11,000,000 in compensation for our clients who have been victimized by bed bugs. To request a free consultation, call Whitney LLP at (410) 583-8000 or fill out our online contact form. You will not have to bear any out-of-pocket fees or expenses when we pursue your bed bug bite claims on your behalf.

How to Identify Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are reddish-brown with oval-shaped bodies. Their small size can make them difficult to spot, and they hide exceptionally well by slipping into crevices, seams, and folds in furniture upholstery, curtains, and mattresses. Although an adult’s size might approach one-quarter inch, bed bugs can often be much smaller. Aside from actually seeing the bed bugs, you might see their eggs and shed skin. Small brown dots along furniture seams or wall baseboards indicate their feces.

How Do Bed Bugs Enter Apartments in Langley Park?

Bed bugs naturally seek warm indoor environments where they can thrive. Even a clean home will not be immune to bed bugs. Bed bugs might travel from place to place within used furniture or luggage. If bed bugs enter one unit in an apartment building in Langley Park, Silver Spring, Adelphi, or College Park, then they might spread to other ones.

Why Are Hotels a Source of Bed Bugs?

Suitcases and travel bags provide crevices where bed bugs can hide. When travelers stay at hotels, they might introduce bed bugs to the building or pick them up and take them home. A hotel with insufficient cleaning practices or infrequent bug spraying might allow bed bugs to establish a foothold in the building. If you wake up in a hotel with a suspected bed bug bite, clean your luggage and clothing thoroughly to limit the chances of transporting the insects to your home, and notify hotel management promptly.

What to Do When You Have Bed Bugs in Langley Park

When you realize that you have a bed bug bite, you need to start cleaning. Bedding, towels, and clothing should be washed in hot water and dried on the highest setting. Use the vacuum wand to extract insects and eggs from furniture, curtains, baseboards, and mattresses. Chemical treatments will be your next step, and a landlord might need to spray the whole building. If you suspect that negligence exposed you to the insects, then speak with a bed bug lawyer about your options.

Do Bed Bugs Cause Medical Problems?

These insects feed on human blood, and their bites commonly cause itching. For some people, the bites are very distressing. They scratch them until they bleed and sometimes develop cellulitis. In many cases, bed bug bite victims have a serious allergic reaction, and the resulting anaphylaxis often requires emergency medical care and treatment.

Langley Park, MD Bed Bug Lawyer for Apartment and Hotel Claims

You should not have to suffer due to the negligence and carelessness of landlords and hotel owners who have failed to live up to their legal responsibilities. Our experienced bed bug lawyers can determine the party or parties that are responsible for your injuries, and we will strive to hold them financially responsible for your losses. You will not have to bear any out-of-pocket fees or expenses when we pursue your claim. To request a free consultation, call Whitney, LLP at (410) 583-8000 or use our online form today.

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