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Prince George’s County in Maryland was home to more than 890,000 residents as of 2013. According to data taken from the U.S. Census, approximately 113,000 of those residents are renters.  In fact, nearly one third (32.5%) of all housing in Prince George’s County consists of multi-unit structures, compared to the Maryland state average of just 25.5%.

Because an exceptionally large portion of county residents either rent apartments or live in multi-unit structures like condominiums and duplexes, bed bug infestations are a significant health concern.  While all types of structures can potentially become infested, apartment buildings and other multi-unit structures are particularly susceptible due to bed bugs’ ability to breed and spread rapidly.  If even a single unit in an apartment building has an outbreak, bed bugs are likely to spread throughout the rest of the premises in a matter of months or even weeks if proper inspections and treatment are not immediately performed.


If you have suffered from injuries, illness, and property damage due to an apartment bed bug infestation, the attorneys of Whitney, LLP may be able to help.  We have years of experience handling personal injury claims arising from bed bug infestations throughout Prince George’s County, including but not limited to College Park, District Heights, Bowie, Greenbelt, Hyattsville, Berwyn Heights, and Morningside.  To set up a free, completely private case evaluation, call our law offices right away at (410) 583-8000.

Prince George’s County Code: Pest Control

While a bed bug infestation is a serious problem that must be dealt with quickly, tenants should not assume they are responsible for the expense.  In fact, Prince George’s County apartment tenants as well as any other renters in Prince George;s County may look to the owner or landlord of the apartment building or rental property to eradicate any bed bug infestation.  County code makes specific provisions for exactly this situation, as noted below:


  • Sec. 13-238.  Insect and rat control:


All owners of the property shall be responsible for the extermination of insects, rats, vermin, or other pests in all areas of the property.

Please note that county codes are subject to revision, and the provision noted above is not guaranteed to be accurate or current.  It should also be noted that each county follows a different set of regulations, and that codes relevant to Prince George’s County do not apply elsewhere in the state of Maryland.

Prince George’s County Contact Information

Some property managers are less honest than others, and, unfortunately, it is not unheard of for landlords to attempt to dodge responsibility for pest control expenses.  If your landlord tells you that your infestation is “not their problem” or that you are liable for the costs of extermination, you should immediately contact an experienced bed bug attorney, such as those of Whitney, LLP. We are experienced in rental and property law, and are prepared to vigorously defend and assert your legal rights as a tenant.

If you have any concerns about a suspected or developing bed bug infestation, we highly recommend that you contact your local health department for additional information and support.  The earlier you intervene, the easier it will be to get the situation under control.

The phone numbers for the Prince George’s County Health Department and Enforcement Division are supplied below:

  • Prince George’s County Health Department: (301) 883-7879
  • Enforcement Division: (301) 883-6168

You may also wish to contact the Environmental Health/Disease Control Division, as bed bugs are known to cause illness and infections.  You can reach the Environmental Health/Disease Control Division at (301) 883-7690, Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

In most cases in Prince George’s County, landlords and not tenants are legally responsible for hiring licensed pest control companies.  If your landlord refuses to pay for bed bug extermination treatments or has threatened you with retaliatory eviction,  the experienced bed bug litigation attorneys of Whitney, LLP can intervene to protect your legal rights.  We may also be able to help you recover compensation for injuries, illness, property damage, medical expenses, and other financial losses arising from bed bug bites and infestations.

To discuss  your potential claim in a free and private legal consultation, call the law offices of Whitney, LLP at (410) 583-8000 today.

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