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Campgrounds are meant for families and friends to spend time together and enjoy nature and each other.  Summer camps are meant to be environments for children to safely experience being away from home, meet new friends and learn.

Not all campgrounds and summer camps follow the numerous state regulations, procedures and laws that they are required to follow. When families, children and other guests are exposed to unsafe conditions at campgrounds and summer camps, they face risk of injury that can result in sickness, injury and death.

Examples of campground and summer camp negligence include:

  • failing to properly train staff;
  • failing to screen employees and staff members for criminal history;
  • exposing guests to dangerous conditions in tents and cabin;
  • failing to properly service equipment used by guests;
  • failing to properly supervise activities including swimming, sailing, climbing, hunting and other outdoor activities;
  • failing to properly fence of dangerous conditions on camp property such as holes, bodies of water and pits; and
  • Allowing employees with a history of child abuse to supervise children.

Campground 2 - Campground and Summer Camp Injury Lawyers

Whitney, LLP has successfully resolved numerous summer camp and campground cases involving serious injuries to guests.  When injury occurs at a campground or summer camp, it is important to act quickly to preserve certain evidence.  It is sometimes difficult to take the appropriate actions to preserve and protect legal claims when dealing with the aftermath of an injury or traumatic event.  We understand those concerns and handle all aspects of the case once we are retained.

All attorney’s fees and expenses are paid only out of any recovery that we achieve.  Our summer camp and campground injury clients never pay any expenses or fees up front or out of pocket.  Consultations are free.  Call us at (410) 583-8000 or use our Quick Contact form to send us a message now.

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