Maryland Birth and Genetic Defect Lawyers

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Wrongful birth is a recognized legal claim in Maryland.  In these terribly unfortunate cases, a Maryland wrongful birth action is brought by the parents of a child born with birth defects against the doctor or other party who was negligent in detecting a birth defect or genetic defect.  The damages sued for by the parents are the cost of raising and caring for the child who is burdened with the defect.  Whitney, LLP has experience successfully litigating wrongful birth claims in Maryland.

Wrongful birth and amniocentesis misdiagnosis cases are complex and can be extremely emotional for the parents bringing the case.  We counsel our clients through difficult cases while ensuring that all legal issues are properly addressed, responsibility is determined, and compensation is recovered to allow proper case to be provided.

There are no fees or expenses until we successfully recover compensation. Contact us at (410) 583-8000 now for your free consultation. When calling, request Daniel W. Whitney.