My Newly Bought House Has Termites. Can the Termite Inspectors That the Previous Owners Used Be Held Liable?

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Seeing termite damage soon after you have purchased a home in Maryland certainly can be cause for concern. You depended on the seller to make complete and honest disclosures about IMG 5808 1 1024x768 - My Newly Bought House Has Termites. Can the Termite Inspectors That the Previous Owners Used Be Held Liable?the condition of the property. The failure of a previous termite inspector that had been retained by the seller to detect an invasion may also have robbed you of the opportunity to address insect damage prior to your buying the home. As a result, you are now facing costly termite damage repairs. If evidence shows that the seller’s pest inspector was negligent, then you may have a claim for compensation against the inspection company as well as the sellers.

Legal Rights for Termite Damage for Maryland Property Owners

Due to the structural damage inflicted by termite infestations and the difficulty in detecting the insects, termite damage repair can burden Maryland homeowners with significant damage repair expenses. Whitney, LLP provides legal representation to property owners who suspect that negligence or even outright fraud saddled them with these costs. We offer free consultations, and our experienced attorneys will evaluate your case to see if the evidence illustrates that the original termite pest company was at fault.

We have experience in filing termite lawsuits and recovering settlements against negligent and dishonest house flippers, real estate agents, and sellers as well. We know how to assess the value of claims in order to identify all expenses related to termite damage contractor repair, subsequent treatment, and emotional distress. You will not incur any out-of-pocket fees or expenses when we seek the compensation that you deserve. In 2019, Whitney, LLP was successful in a notable termite damage repair lawsuit, obtaining a jury verdict that required a termite inspection company to pay $1,000,068 because of negligence and fraud.

The extensive termite problems experienced by another one of our clients gained news coverage when investigative reporter Barry Simms at WBAL covered the termite fraud case of our client who had received paperwork from their real estate agent that said a termite inspection had been completed when in fact it had never been ordered. We have also negotiated many favorable settlements on behalf of Maryland property owners.

Parties Potentially Responsible for Undisclosed Termite Damage in Maryland

A negligent or fraudulent termite damage contractor or pest control company might have conspired with the seller or the seller’s real estate agent to deceive you, or the seller might have intentionally failed to disclose the presence of a hidden infestation. When we investigate your claim, our attorneys will review the evidence to determine the party or parties that should be held financially responsible. Termite damage can disrupt your life as well as your finances as walls, door and window frames, or floor joists may need to be torn out and replaced. While the turmoil will at first undermine the hopes and dreams that you had for your new home, the experienced legal representation Whitney, LLP can provide may be able to help you recover compensation for both the termite damage repair by experienced contractors, as well as emotional distress.

Maryland Termite Lawyer For Claims And Lawsuits

The negligent or fraudulent party or parties that caused you to buy a home with undisclosed termite damage should pay for repair and other costs. You do not have to accept that you got a bad deal when dishonesty or negligence influenced your decision to buy a home. We can review the paperwork associated with your property purchase and termite inspection and explain your legal options. You will not pay any out-of-pocket fees or expenses when we pursue compensation for your damages. Call Whitney, LLP at (410) 583-8000 to request a free consultation about your case, or contact us online today.

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