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Dependable Bed Bug Attorney for Ohio

The state of Ohio has a long and important history that stretches back to the 18th century. Cities like Cleveland and Toledo that sit on the coast of Lake Erie have been centers of industry and trade for decades. Nestled on the Ohio River, Cincinnati has long been a gateway city connecting the East Coast to the Mississippi River. Akron and Columbus were both stops on the Ohio and Erie Canal path, which was used to carry products across the country. Today, these cities are known for their continued focus on industry and manufacturing, sports teams and cultural centers like the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

Unfortunately, this region is also home to dangerous bed bugs. If you are visiting or renting an apartment in one of these cities, you may have had to deal with the frustration of these notorious critters. Painful and itchy bed bug bites are more than a little irritating. They can also lead to more serious problems if they cause skin infections or scars. Often, people must destroy bedding and clothing that has been part of a bed bug infestation, leading to a significant expense. If you are dealing with the aftereffects of bed bugs, contact the bed bug attorneys at Whitney, LLP. At Whitney, we have successfully recovered over $11,000,000 in compensation for our clients who filed bed bug bite claims. There will be no out-of-pocket fees or expenses when we take your case. Call us at (410) 583-8000 for a free consultation.

Bed Bugs in Ohio Apartments

When you rent an apartment in a city like Columbus or Akron, you should expect to move into a clean home. In fact, it is your landlord’s obligation to make certain that there are no bed bug infestations present before your relocation. If they find evidence of bed bugs, they need to handle the problem right away. Unfortunately, it is often tempting to cut corners and use low-cost, ineffective treatments for these pesky insects.

When landlords fail to care for their tenants, they can be held liable for damages. Anyone who has suffered through bed bugs in their apartment can tell you how severe those damages can be. Bed bug infestations often have negative effects on mental and physical health. Removing bed bugs can mean the destruction of furniture, clothing and other items that harbor the pests.

Bed Bugs in Ohio Hotel Rooms

If you are visiting family in Columbus, taking a business trip to Cincinnati or catching a game of the Cleveland Cavaliers, waking up to bed bugs bites in your Ohio hotel room will ruin the whole trip. Hotels are supposed to react quickly if they discover a bed bug infestation. However, some will be concerned about lost revenue if they have to close rooms during the treatment. If you have a bed bug bite case against a hotel, the Ohio bed bug lawyers at Whitney, LLP can help.

What to Do When You Find Bed Bugs in Your Apartment or Hotel

Bed bugs are difficult to spot as they are not active during the day. Victims often do not realize that there is a problem until the itchy bites emerge. If you suspect there is bed bug activity in your apartment or hotel, the first place to look is around and under the mattress. Bed bugs avoid the light, and they will scatter if they are exposed to daylight.

If you find bed bugs, take pictures of the insects and the bites on your skin to document their presence. You can also try to trap one in a plastic bag for proof. Report what you have found to your landlord or hotel manager. If you are not properly reimbursed, contact a professional bed bug attorney who can help file your claim.

Ohio Bed Bug Lawyer for Apartment and Hotel Claims

It is the responsibility of landlords and hotel owners to keep their properties clean and free from bed bugs. If you are bitten by bed bugs in an Ohio apartment or hotel, contact the attorneys at Whitney, LLP. They have years of experience in filing lawsuits for bed bug bite claims, and they will work aggressively to obtain the compensation you deserve with no out-of-pocket costs on your part. Contact us online or call Whitney, LLP at (410) 583-8000 for a free consultation.

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