Impersonation Lawyer – $50,000 Settlement for Impersonated Google Review 

A business paid a $50,000 settlement after their client hired Whitney, LLP’s impersonation lawyers to represent him after discovering the business had impersonated him and posted a fake positive Google review in his name.   It was also discovered that, as part of the scheme, the business had created a fake Gmail account in their client’s name to be able to create the fake Google review.  

Online impersonation is rampant, and can occur in ways including, but not limited to:

  1. fake/impersonated reviews;
  2. fake email accounts; and
  3. fake social media accounts.

If you have been the victim of online impersonation, you can fight back and may be able to recover significant compensation.  

We offer Free Case Evaluations for victims of online impersonation.

Whitney, LLP’s impersonation lawyers represent clients across Maryland, including in Baltimore, Columbia, Germantown, Silver Spring, Waldorf, Glen Burnie, Ellicott City, Frederick, Dundalk, Rockville and Ocean City.

impersonation lawyer online scam - Impersonation Lawyer - $50,000 Settlement for Impersonated Google Review 

Impersonation Lawyer: Online Impersonation

No person or business has the right to impersonate another person, whether for the purpose of leaving an online review, or creating a fake email address or fake social media profile. Online impersonation can occur for personal reasons, such as a romantic relationship that one side cannot let go or get over; or for commercial purposes, such as a financial scam or other money-motivated basis for impersonation.

According to Forbes, online, or digital, impersonation has increased significantly in recent years.

Victims of online impersonation should contact law enforcement to pursue criminal charges, and may also be able to recover damages and compensation through civil actions.

Whitney, LLP’s impersonation lawyers have experience representing clients in civil matters to recover compensation from the perpetrators of online impersonation.

impersonation lawyer google review - Impersonation Lawyer - $50,000 Settlement for Impersonated Google Review 

Impersonated Google Review After Bad Experience

Our client had hired a company to provide services to him.  He was not happy with the services that were provided.  However, he discovered that the company used his name to create a fake Google review that praised the company and thanked them for their work.   After discovering the fake Google review, our client reported it to management.  However, management ignored his concerns. 

Management also tried to tell him that he, actually, was the one who had left the review.  When our client insisted that he had not left the review and asked for it to be taken down, no further action was taken by the business.  Our client was left with no choice but to take legal action to fight back..  He searched online for an impersonation lawyer, and found Whitney, LLP’s impersonation lawyers.

After the lawsuit was filed and evidence was produced, it was determined that an employee in charge of managing the businesses’ online reputation was the person who had impersonated our client and posted the fake positive review. 

While many businesses ask their clients to leave Google reviews, a business may not impersonate their client to leave a fake Google review, fake Yelp review, or any other type of review.   

email impersonation fake email address - Impersonation Lawyer - $50,000 Settlement for Impersonated Google Review 

Impersonation – Email address 

Email impersonation can occur for either illegal personal or financial purposes. A former romantic partner may impersonate their former partner to embarrass, humiliate or otherwise cause problems and interfere with their life. 

This behavior can include using romantic pictures, shared during the course of the relationship, in unauthorized ways, such as sharing with strangers or sending to people who know the subject of the photos in order to cause emotional distress and harm. 

Email impersonation can also be used to trick others into sending funds, or to obtain loans in the victim’s name.  

impersonated social media profile - Impersonation Lawyer - $50,000 Settlement for Impersonated Google Review 

Social Media Impersonation 

Using another person’s name and photograph to create a fake social media profile and impersonate them is a common form of online impersonation.  Fake social media profiles are easy to make, but can be hard to get deleted, often requiring court intervention to confirm who created them and to have them deleted.  

Fake social media profiles are often used to cause harm and embarrassment.  They are also used in a variety of ways to illegally obtain money. If you are impersonated using a social media profile, you have legal rights and can fight back.

Compensation for Impersonation 

Compensation for impersonation can include recovery for financial loss and for emotional distress.  Punitive damages may also be available depending on the type of impersonation, how it occurred and what was said and done.

Whitney, LLP’s impersonation lawyers have experience recovering compensation after an online impersonation occurred.

Invasion of Privacy Claims for Online Impersonation

Claims for invasion of privacy go hand in hand with online impersonation.  Intentionally impersonating a person, no matter how it is done, is highly offensive and usually done to cause harm. There are four types of invasion of privacy claims. These include:

  1.  Intrusion upon seclusion;

    1. Intentionally intruding into a private place or the private affairs of another in a way that a reasonable person would find to be highly offensive.

  2. Appropriation of name or likeness;

    1. Intentionally taking or using another person’s name of likeness for the benefit of the person engaging in the unauthorized use, usually for a commercial benefit. 

  3. Unreasonable Publicity to Private Life

    1. Intentionally publicizing facts which are not of valid concern to the public, in a way that is highly offensive to a reasonable person.

  4. Placing a Person in a false light.

    1. Knowingly or recklessly creating publicity that inaccurately portrays another in a false way, in a way that a reasonable person would find highly offensive.

Read more from Whitney, LLP about invasion of privacy claims.

daniel whitney jr daniel whitney sr  - Impersonation Lawyer - $50,000 Settlement for Impersonated Google Review 

Daniel W. Whitney, Jr. and Daniel W. Whitney, Sr.

Impersonation Lawyer – Whitney, LLP

Whitney, LLP’s impersonation lawyers have experience bringing claims to recover compensation for victims of impersonation.

If you discovered that you have been impersonated online in a case that occurred in Maryland, or has a connection to Maryland, contact us to discuss your potential case.

Call Whitney, LLP at 410 583 8000, or use our Quick Contact Form, to discuss your potential case.

We offer Free Case Evaluations for victims of online impersonation.

Of course, all cases are different, and past results do not guarantee future results.


“When others did not want to take my case Whitney, LLP was willing. Dan was very very patient with me and his communication was always on point no matter how he reached out. He helped me and my family start our lives all over, I thank him so much.”

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